B2B Delivery Service for Bakeries

You focus on your business, Metrobi delivers your delicious food.

10 for $
deliveries 99


On-demand fleet

Do not invest in a delivery fleet, invest in your business.


Expand your reach

Deliver to a new area without worry.

Save time

Spend your time on growing your business not managing a delivery fleet.

Delivery quality

Best delivery experience for your customers.

Pay-as-you go

Only pay per delivery, no commitment.

Transparent pricing

Have full control over your budget.

Delivery pricing

Base fee
per delivery route


Delivery fee
per delivery stop


Per mile fee
driving and driver costs


15 minutes of drop-off time is included per delivery stop. Additional time is 60¢ per minute.

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LIMITED-TIME OFFER: 10 deliveries for $99


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