4 Essentials for a Top-Notch Courier Service in Boston

When it comes to making your customers happy so they will recommend your products and order from you again, ensuring you produce quality goods and supply them on time is essential. 

Many companies overlook the importance of working with a reliable Boston courier. 

But consider this, if you run a retail or e-commerce business and spend the time and money making or sourcing products people want, why disappoint the customer by failing to deliver the goods on time? 

Sloppy service, damaged goods, and slow deliveries will affect your business and bottom line. 

This is why you need to spend time researching Boston express delivery companies. You need to outsource to a reputable local courier so your items reach the destination in top condition and with no hiccups or delays. 

But how can you tell which Boston courier you should use? 

When deciding on the best Boston delivery service, consider these four factors.

1. Is the Boston Courier Reliable?

Reliability is one of the main strengths of any business, especially a local courier or same-day delivery service. 

You need to work with a local courier in Boston that you and your customers can depend upon. If you don’t, you risk the chance of complaints, bad reviews, and loss of business. 

You may assume that taking goods from one place to another is a quick and straightforward process, but traffic often causes delays, and drivers need the right technology or face being stuck in traffic jams for hours. 

According to a recent US News and World Report, Boston is America’s second busiest city. 

The narrow streets downtown, the Massachusetts Turnpike, and the commuter traffic along the I-93 highway are notoriously challenging for those on the road. This is why a professional Boston express delivery service like Metrobi uses the latest route optimization technology to navigate couriers through the congestion to get your goods to their destination on time. 

Do check with the delivery service you’re considering what technology they use to navigate the city so you can be confident your customers won’t be disappointed or keep waiting for their items to arrive.

Four Essentials for a Top-Notch Courier Service in Boston - courier service in boston -
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2. Does the Boston Delivery Service Have Enough Vehicles?

Most online and store retailers have busy periods like Black Friday or the run-up to Thanksgiving and The Holidays. They also have quiet times when orders are slow and sales are few and far between. 

One of the main issues you face trying to deliver goods yourself is needing more vehicles or drivers to deliver goods quickly and keep up with delivery times should you encounter a busy period or receive multiple orders.

In contrast, it’s also costly and less efficient to have vehicles and personnel doing nothing when sales are slow. 

A good Boston courier service should alleviate this problem and work around your demand, which can save time and money. 

Professional delivery services have enough well-maintained vehicles and drivers to quickly fetch and deliver your goods anywhere and anytime throughout the city. 

For example, Metrobi runs a large pool of vans, trucks, SUVs, and minivans driven by experienced local drivers that constantly circumnavigate Boston, so we always have a driver available to deliver your goods. 

When you need something delivered, the closest and most highly-rated courier will fetch the item and deliver it quickly and safely to its location. 

With Metrobi, you sign-up for a subscription to our delivery platform based on the expected number of deliveries you need. Your dedicated account manager then gives you a login to access our easy-to-use online platform, where you can organize a pick-up at any time with the knowledge that our drivers have the right vehicles and technology to take your goods to the destination as planned.

3. Are the Costs of the Courier Service Clear?

You may assume that paying for a Boston express courier will cost too much money, especially if you are a small retailer or start-up business. 

Outsourcing to a reliable delivery service in Boston will cost money, but the advantages of using a professional courier often outweigh the expense. 

If you run deliveries yourself, you need to purchase or hire vehicles, employ drivers, and pay the necessary tax and insurance, and that’s before you fit the vans with traffic-beating technology and fill the tank with gas. 

In contrast, a good courier service will have the right vehicles, drivers, and technology already in place, and you only need to use them when you have items to deliver, saving you money.

Consider their services if the courier offers a transparent pricing structure and doesn’t hide any extras in the small print.

Four Essentials for a Top-Notch Courier Service in Boston - courier service in boston -
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4. Is the Boston Courier You’re Considering Highly Rated?

Like any business, the quality of the service offered by delivery services varies, and some Boston couriers are better than others. 

Run an online search or Google the delivery company before contacting them and read the customer ratings and reviews. 

Watch out for red flags such as unfriendly or unprofessional delivery staff, consistent delays, poor customer service, or poorly maintained vehicles, but keep in mind that no company is perfect, and you will always get one or two negative comments. 

In general, if most of the reviews and comments about the courier in Boston are positive, chances are the company offers good service.  In which case, get in touch.

Let Metrobi Manage All Your Boston Express Delivery Needs

If you are looking for a professional, affordable express Boston courier service capable of delivering your products quickly and on time, consider Metrobi. 

At Metrobi, we aim to take the stress out of logistics. Metrobi takes a modern approach to delivering goods by using innovative technology to not only navigate our drivers through Boston’s busy city streets but also to allow you to organize a courier and see where your item is in real time via our online system. 

Our service is user-friendly, and you need to sign up for the subscription that’s best for you to gain access to Metrobi drivers that will quickly and professionally fetch and deliver your goods to your customer’s door. 

Your dedicated Metrobi Operations Manager is always on hand to deal with any issues and keep you informed, so request a callback today to know more about our service.

Four Essentials for a Top-Notch Courier Service in Boston
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