In-House Delivery vs. Courier Service for Wholesale Distribution in Boston

Regardless of the type and size of your business in Boston, if you make or produce goods, your customers will expect a quick and reliable delivery service. 

The importance of a wholesale delivery service often gets overlooked. However, ensuring your products reach customers on time and in top condition is essential. 

But what’s the best way to achieve this? Is it better to run an in-house delivery team or outsource to a courier service for wholesale distribution in Boston? 

To help you decide, consider these factors.

Reliability: Your Customers Expect a Reliable Boston Delivery Service

It’s all well and good spending time producing a quality product, but unless it arrives with your customer on time and in top condition, they will be disappointed and may not order from you again. 

Reliability matters and does affect sales. If you’re starting up or running a small business, it’s easy to assume it’s best and cheaper to deliver your products yourself. 

But getting from A to B is often more complex than it seems. 

Boston is America’s second busiest city, so traffic is a serious problem. 

Daily downtown congestion and hold-ups on the likes of the I-93 highway can result in you spending many hours stuck in traffic when it would have been more productive for you to remain doing what you do best and producing goods in your workplace. 

Roadworks, accidents, and bad weather also cause delays, especially during winter when the Boston snow settles. 

Organizing in-house deliveries seems simple, but you need reliable vehicles, knowledgeable local drivers, and the right route technology to avoid missing delivery deadlines and being classed as unreliable due to time lost in traffic. 

Reliability is one of the main reasons companies of all sizes use express courier services in Boston. 

Courier services use the latest GPS technology, route optimization technology, and re-routing software to navigate Boston’s busy streets and highways and deliver goods on time. 

Wholesale delivery services like Metrobi are experts in same-day local deliveries and are better prepared to meet time-sensitive schedules, which adds to your customer experience. 

Although a good Boston express courier may cost a little more than running deliveries in-house, a professional courier is the one to deliver your goods on time. 

This reliability should keep your customers happy and may even attract more sales that should compensate for additional costs.

In-House Delivery vs. Courier Service for Wholesale Distribution in Boston - wholesale distribution in boston -
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Customer Service: You Need to Provide a Positive Customer Experience

We’ve all heard the saying, “The customer comes first,” and that’s certainly relevant in today’s fast-paced and high-demand society. 

Customers expect the very best, from start to finish, including the delivery service. 

You may have a fabulous product, but customers can be quick to judge, and their love of your goods may be short-lived if it’s not presented correctly, delivered on time, or damaged on arrival.

It’s sad that people tend only to remember the bad, rarely the good. And this applies to all products and services. 

A customer may have ordered your flowers, fresh produce, homeware, or baked goods many times and been satisfied. Still, if they encounter a problem with your service, it can leave a bad impression and result in complaints, bad reviews, and loss of repeat business. 

Customers see your in-house driver or express courier as part of your company, so how they present themselves and the service they provide matters. 

It can be hard to keep track of in-house deliveries unless you have the right technology.

However, a professional wholesale express courier in Boston can boost your customer experience by offering the following: 

· Real-time live tracking systems allow you and your customers to see where goods are at any time. 

· Innovative warehouse management technology to accurately store and track your inventory of products. 

· Handheld devices that capture customers’ signatures on receiving the goods and ensure proof of delivery. 

· Barcode scanners that aid with stock control and allow you to monitor the delivery process. 

· Route optimization technology to help couriers navigate through traffic and ensure timely deliveries.

In-House Delivery vs. Courier Service for Wholesale Distribution in Boston - wholesale distribution in boston -
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Cost: Wholesale Couriers in Boston Can Be Cost-Effective

You will incur costs if you deliver your goods yourself or outsource to an express delivery service like Metrobi. But is in-house or a courier service more affordable? 

Setting up a delivery service is costly, as you will need to purchase vehicles, employ knowledgeable drivers, buy relevant GPS and route optimization software, and organize a system to keep drivers informed on changes to deliveries or last-minute customer demands – that’s all before you’ve even paid for the gas in the tank! 

In contrast, a professional wholesale delivery service will still cost money but specializes in delivering goods, so they have all the right tools for the job. 

Providing you research the Boston delivery company you wish to use, a professional courier should take the pressure off you, allowing you to focus on making the goods that need delivery.

Ensure you arrange to work with a Boston courier offering a transparent pricing structure with no hidden extras. Then you can budget for the delivery service charges and better streamline your accounts.

In-House Delivery vs. Courier Service for Wholesale Distribution in Boston - wholesale distribution in boston -
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Growing Your Business: A Good Boston Wholesale Distribution Service Can Help You Expand

Most companies aim to expand and deliver more products, open more stores, or cater to a broader area. 

If you are running in-house deliveries, this can be hard to do as it involves hiring more delivery staff and buying more vehicles to ensure deliveries still run on time. 

However, using a professional delivery service, you can easily organize deliveries further afield with a simple call to the provider. 

This saves you considerable time and gives you far more flexibility to expand your product range and deal with a higher capacity, regardless of where they are based.

Meet Metrobi – A New Type of Boston Express Delivery Service

Metrobi is different from most Boston express courier services as we are a subscription-based delivery platform that aims to revolutionize how products are delivered in the local Boston area.

 We have a large pool of local professional drivers with an average rating of 4.9 / 5. Our couriers are available 24/7 and have vans, minivans, SUVs, and box trucks equipped with the latest GPS and route optimization technology to navigate Boston’s busy streets. 

Rather than paying per delivery, with our system, you sign-up for access to our platform, pay for the subscription for the plan you need, then you’re ready to go. 

With Metrobi, you can oversee most aspects of organizing your delivery online. But we also assign a dedicated operations manager to manage your account so you are always informed and never lack support. 

From the Metrobi dashboard, you can keep track of where your order is in real time. Plus, depending on your preference, our drivers can notify you when your goods are delivered and even forward photos and electronic signatures as proof of receipt. 

If you want a reliable wholesale distribution service in Boston, contact Metrobi now and request a callback.

In-House Delivery vs. Courier Service for Wholesale Distribution in Boston
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