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Need Same Day Courier Service in Chicago? Here’s Why

According to a World Business Chicago report, in 2022, Chicago had a 4.7 million employment boost. This dropped the unemployment numbers by a whopping 42,000! 

These were not the only improvements, as others encompass the rate of business license renewals and applications. Manufacturing and logistics businesses, such as delivery services, are among the many experiencing this economic growth. 

So, the big question is: How do you settle on a reliable courier service Chicago? 

As Chicago is fondly known as the Windy City, it is a bustling metropolis with unique challenges and advantages. This article will explore five key factors when selecting a same day courier service in Chicago, IL. 

We’ll also mention how Metrobi, a subscription-based local delivery marketplace, can help. 

Let’s start.

Affordable Courier Services to Offset High Cost of Living in Chicago

The average living cost in Chicago is about $1,226.6 minus rent. And when we focus on commercial rental properties, the numbers are just as high. So much so that selecting the best same-day delivery services Chicago for your business should be pocket-friendly. 

Given these harsh economic conditions, accessible same day courier services in Chicago, IL, are crucial for your businesses to remain competitive. Your business must also meet customer demands without denting your budget. 

Metrobi, a subscription-based local delivery marketplace, offers a practical solution. Our transparent payment solutions offer you rates by the hour or per stop. This way, you have better control over your on-demand delivery logistics finances since you pay on a need-to basis.

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Optimized Routing to Beat Traffic Congestion in Chicago

Chicago’s traffic congestion is a massive menace, but Metrobi offers viable solutions. 

The road congestion in 2022 cost drivers a whopping $2,618. Every minute counts for a small business in a highly perishable farm and fresh food delivery company. 

If deliveries are late, it leads to unfulfilled orders and, worse off, waste of products in some cases. 

Metrobi employs smart tech to curb this by offering route optimization and live tracking. The route optimization features help the operation managers to access the traffic status. Using this information; they guide the drivers to routes that get their produce to their destinations fresh and on time.

The live tracking enables both you and your clients to see where their scheduled delivery is. Additionally, Metrobi’s drivers work shifts all day and night to ensure uninterrupted delivery. This means that your fixed-route delivery still gets delivered without traffic congestion disruptions.

Secured Delivery Features for Package Safety

Package theft, or porch theft, has become rampant in Chicago. For this reason, the Chicago Police Department offers a list of safety measures to ensure safety. They suggest: 

  • Shipment tracking. 

  • Package signature at destination. 

  • Locker drop-offs. 

  • Drop-offs at neighbors. 

  • Security camera installation. 

  • Shipping vacation hold.

Metrobi’s same day courier service Chicago, IL, company steps in to solve such security concerns. We utilize live tracking, delivery notifications, and multiple proofs of delivery. As a business owner moving a seafood delivery from store to restaurant, you monitor the entire transit route. This offers you an unmatched peace of mind! 

Taking a look at the list above, Metrobi is living up to two of these solutions, which are the courier company’s responsibility.

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Experienced Drivers to Minimize Wastages and Damage

One of the most significant issues that riddle the same day courier service Chicago is having a staff with no product handling experience! The last-mile delivery, the last leg of delivery, impacts your brand’s customer satisfaction rates. 

That said, how often do you hear of damages and wastages due to package mishandling? 

In a busy city like Chicago, we bet such stories are many. Yet again, Metrobi comes to your rescue here. We have a wide network of drivers with vast knowledge in moving many items. 

Metrobi’s innovative strategy to hire drivers all over the city helps you get matched with the one experienced in your industry. And that is not all! 

These drivers carry the necessary certifications, licenses, and equipment for proper product handling. For instance, we have drivers with refrigerated compartments that would allow the movement of fresh flowers from place to place.

Helpful Customer Support

Who do you call if the live tracking is not working or you don’t get a delivery notification? 

The customer support team! 

A working team will help your brand improve customer retention and sales. This will give your company a positive competitive advantage since your customers are catered to. 

To facilitate this, check if the same day courier service in Chicago, IL company, has multiple customer service contact channels such as email, call, or physical address. Next, you should check customer reviews and see what past clients say about the service. You may refer to client remarks on the brand’s website and other review sites, including social media. 

In this regard, Metrobi is a reliable same day courier service in Chicago, IL company. 

First, customers can reach Metrobi’s support team by phone, email, and a physical address. Besides these channels, you may also contact Metrobi on Instagram and Facebook. 

Client remarks on the services offered come with positive remarks. Our website posts all reviews clients give, and so far, most remarks commend the responsive customer support.

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Is Metrobi Your Chosen Same Day Courier Service in Chicago?

Chicago is a city of contrasts, requiring careful consideration to navigate its challenges and advantages. A same day courier service Chicago, IL company must offer affordability, route optimization, package safety, experienced drivers, and customer support. 

Metrobi ticks all the above! 

Our subscription-based platform, dedicated operations managers, and a large pool of drivers and car fleets simplify the delivery process. Our offerings ensure a smooth experience for both your businesses and your customers. No delays, no wastages, no theft! 

If these are the things you desire to add to your business, head on to our site and request a call back as soon as possible. 

Now that you have the facts pointing to Metrobi as a reliable same day courier service in Chicago, IL company, what is holding you back?

Need Same-Day Courier Service in Chicago? Here’s Why
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