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Best delivery route planning software for 2024

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Irrespective of the size or type of supply or retail business you operate, whether a large production facility or small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), your delivery service matters. Discover how optimizing your delivery routes can lead to significant savings in time and fuel, enhancing efficiency across your business operations.

Since the pandemic, consumer buying habits have changed. Now, far more people order online or via e-commerce sites and expect the fast and reliable delivery of goods to their doorstep. Discover how optimizing your delivery routes can streamline the process, ensuring quick and dependable delivery that meets your customers’ evolving expectations.

According to business analysts, studies suggest the demand for efficient delivery will continue to rise, making the need to offer a swift door-to-door service essential to remain competitive.

However, juggling orders, plotting delivery routes, avoiding traffic, and fulfilling your customer’s delivery expectations is challenging at the best of times, especially if you are a start-up or run a small company. Discover how software for planning routes can revolutionize your delivery process, enhancing your ability to meet demand while managing resources more effectively.

That’s where delivery management and delivery planner software come in, as this clever technology is designed to help streamline your deliveries and make all aspects of your logistics run smoothly.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s a look at the best delivery route planning software for 2024, its features, and how route optimization and effective route planning can help free up time, save money, and take the hassle out of your logistics.

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Best Delivery Planning Software for 2024

Delivery planner software has advanced a lot since 2005 and the introduction of Google Maps.

At the time, Google’s ground-breaking tool put pay to the hours of manual planning necessary to get from one place to another, and it helped almost everyone reach destinations without stopping to check maps or calling ahead for directions.

Today, although Google Maps certainly retains its place in the marketplace, many other route optimization tools are available to help drivers and express courier services navigate America’s busy streets and reach destinations on time.

The best delivery route planning software in 2024 now uses complex algorithms to suggest the most efficient route a driver should take to multiple locations, and it allows you to track the movement of the courier and goods in real time.

The management of deliveries is also addressed, and drivers can now send digital photographs and signatures of the recipients to use as proof of delivery and communicate easily via smartphone apps with you on the go.

Incorporating delivery planning software into your business does help to boost your customer’s experience and your bottom line, but what should you look for in the best delivery route planning software in 2024?

Here are a few features of the best route optimization software to consider.

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Features of The Best Delivery Route Management Software in 2024

A search online will throw up a wide range of route planning tools, but they should include the following features:

Route optimization

Route optimization with a multi-stop capability should be a key feature of any good delivery management solution, as a properly optimized journey is typically 20-30% shorter than those manually planned, saving you on time and fuel costs. The best route optimization software uses algorithms to assess many factors, including the age and capacity of the vehicle, the pick-up and drop-off times and locations, local traffic trends, and weather conditions.

Real-time tracking via GPS

Live tracking is a great way to impress customers and keep drivers and delivery schedules in check. Accessed easily online via a laptop or smartphone app, the facility works by using barcode technology and GPS. Each item is assigned a unique code, which the driver scans on pick-up. This code can then be entered into the online system to establish its whereabouts at any time, meaning you are confident it’s on its way to its destination and can account for and warn customers of possible hold-ups and delays. Enhance your delivery efficiency and ensure timely arrivals by mastering route optimization with Google Maps, an essential skill for reducing unexpected delays and keeping both drivers and customers informed.

Proof of Delivery

Via the use of a smartphone or handheld device, it is now possible for the courier to take digital photos of the goods when they reach their destination and capture the recipient’s electronic signature to use as proof of receipt. This information is then sent to your account moments after its arrival and can be accessed via the delivery management software for use should your customer ever question the delivery status.

Better Driver and Customer Communication

The best delivery planning software makes it easy to communicate with your drivers and customers on the go. It allows you to amend customer requirements, give accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA), and notify them via phone or email about their delivery status. Optimizing your delivery routes is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency, making it a key asset for logistics success.

Analyse Statistics and Generate Reports

One key feature is the ease with which you can generate delivery reports and analyze aspects of your last-mile operations. Create online end-of-day or weekly reports and share them with management and colleagues. Keep track of drivers’ working hours and the number of deliveries each makes for payroll or pinpoint key metrics that need addressing within minutes.

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Introducing Metrobi’s Delivery Management Software

If you are searching for a time and cost-effective way to make your deliveries run more efficiently, consider Metrobi’s delivery route planning software.

Metrobi is a proactive technology-focused local delivery service operating a large pool of drivers and vehicles in many locations across the US.

Although we are known primarily for our innovative subscription-based courier service, we also offer clients access to our delivery management software, which helps businesses of all sizes, including start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises, deliver their goods on time.

Like our third-party courier service, the Metrobi delivery planning software is affordable, powerful, and accessed via a user-friendly online platform. Discover how our software facilitates efficient multi-stop delivery route planning, streamlining your logistics for better cost and time management. Read our blog for insights.

The software includes all the features of the best delivery route planning software in 2024, including advanced multi-stop route optimization, live GPS tracking, proof of delivery, and easy report generation, but what sets us apart is that it is available for use by a driver for a low, fixed monthly subscription fee.

Whether you run a food and drinks company, laundry, florist, or bakery, our delivery software can help reduce the time-consuming tasks of managing and delivering your products and work with fluctuations in your business demand.

Request a callback if you want to know more about the Metrobi delivery management software or want to know more about the benefits of outsourcing your deliveries to a professional local delivery service.

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