Dedicated Operations Manager in Los Angeles: 4 Key Benefits for Your Business Success

Setting up and managing a reliable delivery service in Los Angeles is challenging. 

Since Covid-19, consumer expectations have changed, and now far more people and businesses expect the quick same-day or express delivery of their items to the doorstep. 

Los Angeles is renowned as one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. 

The great California weather, wealth of Hollywood attractions, movie studios, and other cultural and social highlights ensure a steady stream of tourists and visitors in LA year around, especially during Awards season and LA Pride. 

This popularity does have a downside, and that’s traffic, as Los Angeles ranks as the sixth most congested city in America. 

Gridlock along the main commuter arteries and congestion along the Hollywood freeway causes significant problems for drivers, which is why many businesses now turn to Los Angeles courier services like Metrobi to deliver their goods to customers reliably. 

Outsourcing to a professional LA courier has many advantages; plus, with Metrobi, you are assigned a dedicated operations manager to help take the stress out of deliveries and streamline your logistics. 

Discover four ways a dedicated operations manager can add value to your company below.

1. They Ensure You Have 24/7 Access to Professional Local Couriers

More often than not, customers believe couriers work directly for your company. In some cases, if the person has ordered online, the courier may be the only physical contact they have with your business, so delivery services frontline personnel must be friendly, polite, and professional. 

First impressions matter, especially in Los Angeles, where service and presentation are vital, and people are quick to judge. 

Hiring, training, and managing suitable drivers is costly and time-consuming if you run deliveries in-house. You then must ensure you employ enough delivery personnel to deal with bulk orders and busy times. Conversely, you also need to pay your drivers when orders dry up, or your business hits hard times. 

A professional courier service offers a practical solution and a way to ease in-house delivery issues, as it becomes their responsibility to hire drivers, run and maintain enough vehicles, and ensure your goods arrive at their destination on time. 

With Metrobi, each client is assigned a dedicated operations manager to oversee the entire delivery process. 

Although you can easily book a pickup and delivery online via our platform, your ops manager is always available to troubleshoot issues, offer advice, and manage your account. They can assign the local drivers and vehicles that best suit your company and will ensure your goods are always presented professionally to your customers.

Dedicated Operations Manager in Los Angeles: 4 Key Benefits for Your Business Success - dedicated operations manager -
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2. You Receive A High Level of Support

Your dedicated operations manager is your main point of contact; as such, it’s their responsibility to manage every aspect of your account. 

Metrobi offers a wide range of B2B logistics services, including industry-specific courier services catering to popular supply sectors in Los Angeles. For example, courier services for artisan food businesses, delivery services for baked goods and beverage companies, to name but a few. 

We also run a large pool of vans, box trucks, minivans, and SUVs that constantly circumnavigate LA taking goods from one place to another. 

We can deliver one item or many. Plus, we can reliably manage bulk and wholesale supplies or the same-day or urgent express delivery of packages throughout the city. 

Your operations manager can upgrade or tailor your subscription anytime to deal with the volume of deliveries you need. They can also suggest alternative ways to address any logistics issues, making the delivery process easier for you and your customers.

3. An Operations Manager Deals with Emergencies

Having a dedicated operations manager is a great advantage in emergencies. 

Although outsourcing to a professional courier in Los Angeles is the best way to ensure your items arrive on time, occasionally, unforeseen circumstances like a freak accident or unavoidable traffic along the likes of the Interstate 5 or Ventura Freeway do get in the way. 

Your ops manager monitors the vehicles and your deliveries via our live tracking system, and our drivers are trained to give updates on any situation that may lead to a delay. Your ops manager then passes on this information so you can inform your customers of the situation and advise them of the estimated new arrival time to limit the risk of complaints. 

In addition, if a recipient isn’t at the destination or there’s an issue when the product arrives, your operations manager can swiftly take over, alert you of the problem, and actively address the concern before it escalates.

Dedicated Operations Manager in Los Angeles: 4 Key Benefits for Your Business Success - dedicated operations manager -
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4. Dedicated Operations Managers Help Improve Efficiency

When it comes to logistics, efficient planning and scheduling are essential, or you risk delivery delays and loss of repeat business. 

Retail is a highly competitive industry, so staying ahead of the game is vital for a business to survive. 

There is no point in producing a fabulous product or supplying fancy baked goods to a café or event, if the goods turn up damaged, stale, or not at the given time; this especially applies to goods that can perish or soil. 

Many businesses and customers arrange their time around deliveries, so you need to ensure their safe transit to their destination. 

A dedicated operations manager can help streamline your deliveries and help you free up time to focus on other elements of your business, like sales or product development. This should increase your efficiency and boost your future profits, allowing you to quickly recoup any courier service costs, which is a winning combination all around!

Outsource Your Los Angeles Deliveries to Metrobi

As we have seen, you can enjoy many advantages by having a dedicated operations manager focusing on your logistics. 

If you want to know more about the benefits of using Metrobi as your Los Angeles courier service and discover what we can do for you, request a callback now!

Dedicated Operations Manager in Los Angeles: 4 Key Benefits for Your Business Success
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