LA Delivery Solution: 4 Key Reasons to Consider In-House vs. Courier

Providing customers with a fast and reliable delivery service is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

With the rising popularity of eCommerce sites and the post-pandemic expectation that goods will arrive quickly on the doorstep, consumers now purchase almost everything online, including fashion, food, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and gadgets. 

This is why providing a reliable express delivery service in Los Angeles is crucial for the city’s retailers and consumer goods companies. 

But if you are a smaller business or have limited funds, you may question if it’s best and more affordable to set up an in-house delivery service rather than outsource to a courier service for wholesale in Los Angeles. 

To help you decide, here’s a look at a few of the reasons businesses of all sizes use a professional Los Angeles courier service for wholesale like Metrobi to deliver their goods.


Meeting your customer’s expectations is essential. 

No matter how good the product you supply is, if it isn’t delivered on time and in perfect condition, they will question your service and may not order from you again. 

Los Angeles is a busy city, and as such, traffic is a serious issue, as is parking. 

Getting around in LA is never easy. Rush hour traffic and congestion do pose serious problems for commuters and all those trying to get from one place to another quickly, especially during award ceremonies, film festivals, or LA Pride when the streets and volume of traffic increase. 

To deliver goods reliably and as scheduled, using the latest route optimization technology is necessary to warn of hold-ups and delays and help re-route drivers in a better direction. 

In addition, if you need to deliver items to multiple locations throughout LA, you need to have enough vehicles on the road to cater to this or face your packages turning up late. 

Purchasing vehicles, payrolling drivers, and buying the technology to run a reliable in-house delivery service is expensive. This is why so many businesses now outsource to a specialist third-party wholesale courier in Los Angels, as they should have sufficient drivers, local knowledge, and the right technology to be reliable, keep customers happy, and deliver the goods on time.

LA Delivery Solution: 4 Key Reasons to Consider In-House vs. Courier - la delivery -
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Technology now plays a vital role in every business, and logistics is no exception. 

Aside from the route optimization technology necessary to avoid congestion, the best courier service for wholesale deliveries in Los Angeles will also use internal delivery and fleet management software to organize the pickup and delivery of your packages seamlessly. 

A good Los Angeles express courier will also offer you an easy way of tracking your goods throughout the delivery process to ensure they reach the customer as planned. 

At Metrobi, we use barcode technology and scan each item as we receive it. The package is then scanned again by the driver, and via GPS, you can log on to our online platform to see exactly where your package is in real time. 

This advanced technology is an excellent way to you and will impress customers and improve their customer experience. It is also technology that very few in-house delivery teams possess.

Another way a professional delivery service differs from an in-house team is that most professional wholesale couriers in Los Angeles can provide you with photos and electronic signatures of the recipient as proof of delivery. 

This is done via handheld devices that capture images of the goods at the location and tablets that allow customers to sign for the receipt of their items. 

Suppose you have multiple items to deliver or supply perishable or fragile goods. In that case, this proof of delivery can be a real benefit, as you can rest assured that the item was delivered on time and in good order should the customer ever question your service or complain.

LA Delivery Solution: 4 Key Reasons to Consider In-House vs. Courier - la delivery -
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Delivery Management

Organizing deliveries and keeping track of what’s to go where and when it should arrive is tough and takes considerable time. 

Speaking to customers, taking orders, packing, and planning routes to avoid traffic takes time, especially when a major event like the Academy Awards, Los Angeles Marathon, or LA Pride takes place. 

In addition, organizing the maintenance of the vans, producing delivery reports, and finding cover if a driver is sick or takes a vacation are all mundane tasks you will need to attend to if you run your deliveries in-house. 

Outsourcing to a Los Angeles wholesale delivery service, on the other hand, streamlines these processes and frees you up to spend time on other areas of your business, as it’s the delivery service’s responsibility to ensure your package gets to its destination on time.


If you run one of Los Angeles’s 100,000+ B2C companies or own a small retail business, you may initially believe running the deliveries yourself will be far more cost-effective. 

However, when you consider the initial capital outlay of the vehicles, technology, drivers, and support personnel necessary to set up an in-house delivery service of sufficient size to reliably deliver goods on time, choosing to use a specialist courier service for wholesale seems a far better and more affordable solution. 

There are now many third-party wholesale couriers in Los Angeles, all offering different services, and their prices vary considerably. 

At Metrobi, we aim to take the hassle out of deliveries by offering a reliable B2B courier service for wholesale clients. 

Our service differs from most Los Angeles couriers as it is subscription-based, and you pay for the volume of deliveries you expect rather than per item or batch. 

We operate on a 24/7 basis, and by using our service, you gain access to our large pool of trained and knowledgeable local drivers in various SUVs, vans, minivans, and box trucks that are continuously on the go throughout the city. 

You book your deliveries online via our platform and can track the progress easily from your laptop or phone via the Metrobi App. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Metrobi and our Los Angeles courier service, please request a callback.

LA Delivery Solution: 4 Key Reasons to Consider In-House vs. Courier
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