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How to optimize routes with Google Maps

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In the demanding world of logistics, getting from one place to another on time and in the most efficient way is essential.

However, getting from point A to point B may appear simple, but it often takes far longer than you think as you need to factor in delays, busy roads, and traffic. Optimizing your delivery routes is crucial in overcoming these challenges and ensuring timely deliveries.

Thankfully, a professional local delivery service like Metrobi has access to advanced logistics software and clever technology like Google Maps route planning to help keep deliveries running smoothly.

Here’s a brief overview of how to plan your route with Google Maps, the difference between an optimized route and a route plan, the way you can use Google Maps to organize multiple deliveries, and why using an express courier service using delivery management solutions is the best choice if you are looking to outsource the logistics for your business.

How Does Google Maps Plan a Route?

Since its introduction in 2005, Google Maps has grown to dominate the route optimization market with its ever-evolving technology that helps regular drivers and couriers navigate quickly from one place to another.

From its simple beginnings, Google Maps route planning quickly advanced and became the go-to for companies and individuals who need directions, and it is now so popular that it is used by over 1 billion people globally each month.

Almost all good local delivery services use route optimization software, as it’s easy for their drivers to access from their smartphones or handheld devices, and it gives them live turn-by-turn instructions to navigate through the twists and turns of their journey via GPS.

Google Maps can plot advanced routes in a matter of seconds. In addition, it can also direct drivers back on track should they take a wrong turn, need to divert off course due to an unforeseen road closure or accident, or need to deliver a package to an unfamiliar location or address.

Much of Google Maps’ success comes down to its ease of use, as you input the point of origin and delivery address or zip code into the system to receive the most straightforward directions to the destination. Discover the distinctive features of planning routes for trucks and how it contrasts with the simplicity of general navigation tools like Google Maps.

Once the route is pinned, the system tracks progress via the global positioning system (GPS) on your device and talks you through the journey, giving you notice of which way to go at junctions on approach. Experience how optimizing your route can enhance your travel efficiency and precision, simplifying your navigation experience.

This innovative technology has helped transform logistics over the last two decades, and it continues to improve with each update released, which is why it is now an essential tool for all successful express courier services.

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Delivery notifications and tracking improve customer satisfaction by 27%.

Metrobi automatically notifies your receivers of ETAs, provides delivery tracking, and collects delivery feedback.

Route Optimization with Google Maps for Multiple Stops

While a variety of logistics tools exist to assist with navigation from point A to point B, you can also try multiple stops route optimization with Google Maps.

This helpful feature makes the software ideal for courier services and those offering fixed-route delivery to customers, as drivers can arrange a route with multiple stops in advance.

Via the Google Maps route planning mobile app, the courier enters the zip codes or postal addresses of the start and end points and then selects to add a stop, whereby they can submit the location of where all the other items need to be delivered during the journey.

The app then walks the courier through the journey, stopping at up to nine locations before deeming the trip complete.

Each step is tracked in real-time via a smart device’s geolocation, and the courier receives the most direct directions to each destination.

This multi-stop capability not only increases the efficiency of the delivery service and saves time but also gives customers confidence that the package has the best chance of reaching its destination as planned. Discover more about how planning routes with multiple stops enhances logistics and customer satisfaction in our informative article.

What’s the Difference Between a Route Plan and An Optimized Route?

The best courier services make it their business to use the latest technology to streamline their deliveries and ensure client satisfaction, and Metrobi is no exception. Discover how Metrobi incorporates solutions for the traveling salesman issue to enhance routing efficiency and reduce delivery times.

We use two popular logistics strategies to boost efficiency: route planning and optimization.

In simple terms, route planning refers to strategically creating and informing drivers of the best route to a destination.

Route planning software determines which roads are shortest and most direct, and the most up-to-date versions track the driver’s location and progress via GPS to suggest alternative routes should they take a wrong turn or need to re-navigate along an alternative street or highway. Discover how software for planning routes not only streamlines your delivery process but also significantly reduces expenses and enhances overall operational efficiency.

In contrast, route optimization is more complex and is used to help shave time off the journey and help lower fuel consumption, which saves costs.

Route optimization is more advanced than route planning. It assesses the vehicle’s capacity and current weather and traffic conditions to ensure the most efficient route is taken to the end location. Discover how optimizing routes can help lower operational costs by improving fuel efficiency and reducing delivery times.

As a professional express delivery service, we use both route planning and route optimization technology to make the jobs of our couriers easier, save on fuel expenses, and optimize service reliability.

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How to Optimize a Route Using Google Maps

Google Maps offers an effective and user-friendly way to establish a direct route to a location – plus, the basic app is free, so it’s available to everyone. Explore the leading no-cost route planning applications of 2024 to further enhance your journey mapping effortlessly and at no extra charge.

To use the app, you enable your current location and ask Google the best way to reach a destination. In return, the app assesses your current position and end location, puts markers on the map, and then plots the most straightforward way to take you between the two points. To discover the optimal path for your journey, try the top route planning software, offering comprehensive comparisons and guides on navigating efficiently from point A to B.

Google technology is ideal if you simply want to get from A to B or add a few stops. However, for professional courier services that offer a range of delivery timeframes, including same-day delivery and express urgent delivery to multiple locations per day, using Google Maps and route planning alone may not be enough to ensure maximum service efficiency.

At Metrobi, we utilize advanced technologies such as barcode scanning and real-time tracking software, enabling you to monitor the exact location of your item at any moment. Our couriers also carry portable handheld devices that allow them to take photos of the package once it’s reached its destination and capture signatures as proof of delivery once the item has arrived.

At Metrobi, our technology-based approach to logistics is designed to take the hassle out of deliveries. All your pick-ups and reports can easily be arranged and managed via our innovative online platform, allowing you to quickly give your customers live updates on the whereabouts of their items via our dedicated onboard route optimization software. Discover how optimizing your routes can significantly cut down on delivery times and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about Metrobi, get in touch and request a callback.

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