Quick fix for the payment issue

Note: This is for the drivers that are having trouble with bank account verification.

Please follow the steps below to fix the payment issue.

Remember, if this doesn’t work, there is always the card option on Stripe, which is way simpler.

Step 1: Make sure the app is up to date, version 2.27.1+

Payment - -

If it’s not, you need to close the app and open it again, or uninstall it and install it again.

Step 2: After Stripe registration, if you selected the “bank account” option, you need to verify your account with Plaid. This notification should appear:

Payment - -

When you click on “Verify”, a popup with the bank information will be displayed for confirmation, if it is correct you need to click on “Yes“.

Note: If it is not your correct bank account, you need to go to “Payouts” and change your bank account information.

Payment - -

Step 3: Click continue

Payment - -

Step 4: Pick your bank

Payment - -

Step 5: Enter your bank credentials

Payment - -

If it goes well, the notification on the Home screen will disappear and you should be good to receive payment. If not, it means that your bank account information provided on Stripe doesn’t match with the account information from Plaid. So you need to change your bank account information on Stripe and retry.

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