Beatriz Ruiz

Beatriz Ruiz Colorado Springs delivery driver with SUV
Verified Driver
September 1, 2021

Beatriz Ruiz

Hi, I'm
I'm happy to help you with my
I live in
I'm open to work as a
So far I've made more than
215 deliveries
and got
4.87 rating!


None yet

5 reasons to work with Beatriz Ruiz

known for
Real-time delivery estimates

Beatriz provides real-time delivery estimates to help Metrobi customers plan their schedules around expected delivery times.

Flexible approach

She is flexible and responsive to clients' needs, and can adapt to changing delivery requirements and handle both small and large deliveries with ease.

Attention to detail

She pays close attention to detail, ensuring that all delivery instructions are followed and products are delivered exactly as expected.


Beatriz prioritizes punctuality, arriving on time for pickups and drop-offs, and minimizing client wait times.

GPS-enabled tracking devices

She utilizes GPS-enabled tracking devices with Metrobi Driver App for enhanced tracking and delivery accuracy.

I'm excited to work with you!

Beatriz Ruiz Colorado Springs delivery driver with SUV

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