Terrell Adams Pittsburgh delivery driver with Van
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August 28, 2021

Terrell Adams

Hi, I'm
I'm happy to help you with my
I live in
I'm open to work as a
So far I've made more than
268 deliveries
and got
4.87 rating!


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5 reasons to work with Terrell Adams

known for
Climate-controlled transport

Terrell offers climate-controlled transportation for delicate or perishable items, ensuring that they arrive in the same condition as they were sent.

Real-time tracking

He offers real-time tracking of all deliveries by using Metrobi Driver App, allowing Metrobi customers to stay up-to-date with the status of their orders at all times.

Friendly & personable approach

He takes the time to get to know clients and their businesses, creating a friendly and personable working relationship.

Dependable & trustworthy

Terrell has built a reputation on trust and dependability and Metrobi customers know they can rely on timely and safe deliveries.


He prioritizes punctuality, arriving on time for pickups and drop-offs, and minimizing client wait times.

I'm excited to work with you!

Terrell Adams Pittsburgh delivery driver with Van

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