Local delivery service for wholesale florists floral designers flower shops in Washington DC

Tired of the cost and complexity of deliveries? You focus on creating the best floral design, Metrobi provides the reliable delivery solution you need.

Your yearly savings with us

Your yearly savings


Express courier service designed for florists

Why florists love us

Save money

Metrobi costs 25% less than doing deliveries on your own. Calculate your savings

No commitment

You can deliver 5 days this week, and 5 hours next week or not at all.

Peace of mind

Metrobi covers any risks through $2M cargo & premises insurance.

Proof of delivery

Delivery notifications and pictures are sent to you and your customers after the completion. See how Metrobi delivers

SUVs or Cargo vans

Any vehicle type your business needs. With Metrobi, no delivery is too large, no distance is too long. Sell your unused vans

Live tracking

Track the driver and deliveries on the map. Know where your products are at any time.

What florists say about Metrobi

A better way to deliver flowers in DC


Drag and drop delivery planning within 10 seconds.



Optimized delivery route, and step by step driver navigation.



Invoice and proof of delivery are sent to you and your customer.


Frequently asked questions

How can Metrobi be cheaper than my own fleet or a courier service?

There are several reasons. Metrobi drivers get paid based on mileage and stops. So, they’re incentivized to finish deliveries as quickly as possible whereas hourly paid drivers are not incentivized this way. Our technology optimizes delivery routes and a driver works for subsequent businesses. Therefore, drivers make more money in total while each business pays less.

Have a look at our  delivery savings calculator here.

What industries and deliveries are you familiar with?

We have been delivering for several wholesalers, bakeries, floral suppliers, breweries, and coffee roasters. We specialize in local wholesale and consumer deliveries. We do not do interstate deliveries except the neighbor states. See our customers’ success stories.

Can you handle delicate products?

This is, maybe, one of the most common questions we hear before a business starts delivering with Metrobi. A week after the start, we get thank you calls. Our couriers have flawlessly delivered fresh flowers (which are really sensitive for temperature and shaking), food supplies, and beverages. Your products are our products. Don’t take our word for it, see how proud we are on our Instagram channel.

How can I track my deliveries?

Metrobi delivery platform allows you to monitor the courier location, estimated time of arrival, and proof of delivery photos. Even better, we send a text notification to your customer 10 minutes before the delivery. After the delivery, we send them an email with a photo of the delivery so that they can locate their packages, See how Metrobi delivers here.

How fast is Metrobi delivery?

Metrobi drivers pick up your products and directly start delivering according to your delivery route. So, it is as fast as it gets. Faster than the same day delivery.

Can I use Metrobi for personal deliveries?

We do not serve consumers yet, we only work with local businesses. Stay tuned, our courier number is growing and personal deliveries may come soon!

Are there any size limitations?

We deliver from small boxes of cheese boards to large boxes of floral supplies, or ground coffee totes. We have cars, SUVs, vans, refrigerated vans, and box trucks.

Do you offer insurance?

We have a $2M cargo and premises insurance which covers the packages, pick-up & drop-off location damages. All our drivers are also required to have their own insurance. 

Cities we actively operate in the Beltway area

Washington, D.C.

Arlington, VA

Alexandria, VA

Reston, VA

Bethesda, MD

Rockville, MD

Gaithersburg, MD

Frederick, MD

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Makers make, drivers drive, Metrobi delivers.

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