6 Tips to Do Better Fleet Management

Looking for solutions and better ways to do fleet management? Use this 6 tips to do better fleet management in 2019. Here are the DOs and DONTs.
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6 Tips To Do Better Fleet Management in 2019 - DOs and DONTs

You’ve come to this page when you’re looking for solutions and new ways to better manage your fleet and optimize your workforce. You may face different challenges every day while managing fleet. We understand you and in this article we have prepared a guide that you can use to make better fleet management.

One of the main motivations in logistics and fleet management; to continuously improve productivity and profit. So as Metrobi, we share some tips to help you manage a fleet more efficiently and profitably, which we think you can use to manage your field team in your business. These methods are necessary for your fleet drivers to work more safely, more efficiently and more productively. The implementation of these recommendations will undoubtedly help you develop your fleet management, whether you have a small fleet of two scooters or a large fleet of 200 trucks.

#1 Reduce your operational costs.

When we look at the costs of fleet owner companies, we see that fuel expenditures, vehicle maintenance expenditures and fleet insurance expenses are the biggest share. In this context, you can save fuel costs by improving the routes and routing of your vehicles, avoiding unnecessary lengths of roads, saving fuel costs and thus reducing fleet insurance and vehicle maintenance costs.

Focusing on improving your fleet’s fuel efficiency should be the first step to reduce overall cost. Because you will see that your investment in fuel efficiency results in better results in a short time compared to other cost optimizations. For more information on this, you can check out best practices for fuel saving with route optimization software..

Investing in technology to help you analyze driver behavior will also help you do this. You can do this by starting to use the most practical and technologically good fleet management software. This will reduce your expenses and increase your profits over time.

Try to control the mileage of your fleet by analyzing the distance your vehicles take and the fuel used. By taking both of these fields, you can create an accurate picture and determine the inefficient aspects of your fleet in the field. In this way, you can take actions to give training to your drivers as a result of an analysis, you can do various applications.

#2 Use a Fleet Tracking Software with Vehicle Tracking System.

Knowing the location of all your fleet drivers, fleet vehicle tracking, will help you manage your fleet more efficiently and well. You can learn more about what GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System is and how it works.

It is very important to know the exact location of the field team for effective fleet management. In this way, you can have an idea of how long drivers stay at a particular location, which direction they go and when they can go to the next nearest job. You must convert your fleet tracking data into helpful information that can help you improve the safety, compatibility and overall efficiency of your fleet.

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#3 Analyze Data, Take Decision.

As for the performance of your fleet, we must say that you need concrete data to make clear decisions in an effective fleet management. The use of technologies such as telematics, vehicle recognition systems, or route optimization software can help you see which drivers and tools depend on your policies, how much fuel is spent, and what savings can be made. By analyzing the concrete data, you can create the opportunity to make improvements in the efficiency of your entire fleet.

#4 Don't Forget Service and maintenance of your vehicles

Regular vehicle maintenance inspections can help keep vehicles in a safe condition and reduce off-road time. Daily controls should always be encouraged as an important part of your business policy before commencing shipments.

You should know when your vehicles require maintenance and will be serviced on time before any problems arise. This not only saves you time, it also saves you money. Overcoming regular general maintenance and service will ensure your vehicles are safe and efficient. At the same time, one of your field vehicles, maintenance will be no problem, but maintenance is not made to ensure that you will not stay on the road at a time.


#5 Choose clean and safe vehicles for your fleet.

Make sure that the tools you choose or offer to your employees provide good safety features and minimum emissions. With a careful selection, you can also help protect the environment while making your fleet more efficient than fuel savings.

#6 Encourage drivers in your fleet.

Promoting positive driving habits through reward and appreciation can help improve driver safety and change behavior patterns. Using effective fleet management software can help you to monitor driver behavior, including problems with speed and service time. By applying safer and disciplined driving techniques, you can reduce fuel costs and ideally reduce the likelihood of an accident. This is a plus to the safety of the business, rather than expensive maintenance and repair costs. In addition, the smooth and principled work of this discipline will undoubtedly satisfy your customers.

In this article, we have made some recommendations for fleet managers that you can use to make better fleet management. We hope you will improve your fleet with more effective management of your fleet and reduce your costs.

Did you know that you can do fleet management and vehicle tracking with Metrobi Dynamic Route Optimization software? In a short period of time, we will publish a more detailed information about this subject and the actual data.

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