What is a GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

Global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking systems are mobile devices that allow anyone, such as fleet managers, parents and vehicle owners, to track and follow their vehicles and fleets. Real-time GPS vehicle tracking systems for vehicles can provide instant speed and location data. Some of the vehicle tracking systems save such information for later use. In some GPS vehicle tracking systems, it is even possible to set up real-time alarms to alert when a driver accelerates or deviates from a particular area.

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How a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Works

The GPS vehicle tracking system uses a network of satellites to locate a vehicle tracking device designed specifically for this purpose. The basic idea is that a GPS tracker uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location relative to its distance from three GPS satellites. This is the same technology used by your smartphone or in-car navigation system.

The difference between the GPS vehicle tracking system and the navigation system in your vehicle is that the navigation system shows your location and destination; the GPS vehicle tracking system keeps track of your driving habits or shows the position of the vehicle being tracked in real time.

The vehicle tracking system uses the technology (GPRS) that your mobile phone uses to make calls or to connect to the internet in order to show your location. Many GPS vehicle tracking systems require a monthly subscription fee.

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Is it Possible to do Fleet Management with a Vehicle Tracking System?

As mentioned above, the GPS vehicle tracking system is a system where you can track and monitor the vehicle’s position information and the driving habits of the person using the vehicle. Fleet management is a much more detailed system. GPS fleet tracking is part of fleet management. Although fleet vehicle tracking is an important part, it is not sufficient for fleet management because fleet management involves the management of vehicles. Therefore, fleet management is very important for logistics companies.

In this article, we tried to answer questions such as, what is a GPS tracking system, and how does the vehicle tracking system work?

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