5 Great Features of Metrobi That Help You Grow Your Logistics Business

Are you looking for a solution? Discover 5 great features of Metrobi real-time route optimization software which will help you grow your logistics business.
Metrobi Dinamik Rota Optimizasyonu ile İşinizi Büyütecek 5 Özellik!

5 Great Features of Metrobi That Help You Grow Your Logistics Business

The biggest problem of logistics companies is route planning. Planning a proper route will undoubtedly accelerate your company’s business, and your budget spent on unnecessary costs will now become available to grow your business. With such a solution, we offer you the Metrobi real-time route optimization solution with the intention of resorting to the planning problems of logistic companies in delivery. In this article we will mention the advantages that distinguish Metrobi from other route optimization software. Here are the 5 great features of Metrobi real-time route optimization that will help you grow your logistics business:

Metrobi Dinamik Rota Optimizasyonu mobil ve masaüstü görünümü

#1 Cloud-based

Unlike other desktop software, Metrobi offers you cloud-based route optimization software. Therefore, it does not require any installation, maintenance or update. The changes and updates you need in the system are made free of charge by us. This way, companies that work with Metrobi will not have any extra workload such as renting a server, maintaining the server, protecting the server against attacks or backing up.

#2 Mobil app

Metrobi offers a mobile application next to its website, a feature that puts Metrobi one step ahead of other optimization software. Nowadays, when mobile applications are a necessity, you can make communication with your team members in your company via mobile application instead of making phone calls. Your team members take their tasks and follow them. Sends you the completed tasks through the application. Metrobi application running on IOS and Android platforms is constantly being developed and updated.

#3 Real-time

If your business is logistics, you will not know where and when an unexpected problem will occur on your route. Metrobi dynamic route optimization is a system where you can immediately intervene in the problems you face during the day. The team leaders know the operational workload caused by a change to be made on the route. If you haven’t used dynamic optimization software before, let us say, it’s very troublesome to make changes. If the route optimization is dynamic, the system makes the most appropriate change possible with certain algorithms and re-optimizes the route at the most appropriate cost.

Metrobi Dinamik Rota Optimizasyonu

#4 Most Current Maps

Using the Google Maps and Here Maps infrastructure, Metrobi offers up-to-date maps and routes. So whenever you use Metrobi, you plan your route with the convenience of knowing that the maps are the most up-to-date maps.

#5 Customer notification system

If you already have a company and are involved in delivery, you know how important and difficult it is to ensure customer satisfaction on delivery. Especially when things don’t go as planned, you can’t work with the same customer again if the customer doesn’t know. Metrobi offers a customer information solution for this problem. When you plan all your deliveries with Metrobi dynamic route optimization, the system automatically calculates how long the route will take and when the delivery can be made. It lets you notify your customers about your delivery and visit times to your customers.

We have talked about 5 outstanding features of Metrobi real-time route optimization software that will enable you to plan your routes and reduce your costs and increase your budget to grow your business. Metrobi stands out with its cloud based system, mobile application, real-time route optimization, the latest maps and customer information system. We hope this solution can also help you deal with your company’s problems. You can contact us for more information about Metrobi,.


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