Bulut Tabanlı Rota Planlama ve Optimizasyon Yazılımının Avantajları


Logistics companies try various solutions to minimize operational labor force. One of them is route planning and optimization. The optimization of the route and the optimization of the workforce balance are of great importance for logistics companies. However, route optimization also brings certain costs. Route planning and optimization is so important that many different optimization companies offer various solutions. Most of them are static, offline desktop software, and others are cloud (web)-based. If you are planning to purchase a route optimization software for your company’s route planning, we think you should opt for cloud-based ones. In this article, we will try to explain why you should opt for cloud-based route planning and optimization software with the following 3 items:

Bulut Tabanlı Rota Planlama ve Optimizasyon Yazılımının Avantajları

#1 You do not need to deal with installation, maintenance, antivirus, or backup.

You don’t need to do any setup to use cloud-based route optimization software. Software developers maintain, backup and update such software. If you prefer any desktop software, you may need to pay separately for the installation. You may also need to back up your information by renting a server and keeping it running in the same way as maintenance and antivirus protection. For this, you need more workers and labor, time and money, of course.

#2 You can access it from anywhere.

You can use cloud-based route planning and optimization software from anywhere that has access to the internet. You can only use the desktop software from the computer where this software is installed. If you are out of the company, you cannot plan or track a route. For example, you cannot plan a shipment scenario for the night, or if you had to do so, you would have to solve the situation with a pencil. This is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when multiple vehicles and delivery stops are involved. However, if your route planning software is cloud-based, you can enter customer information at any time by entering your vehicle and shipment information, plan your route immediately and optimize your route.

#3 Easy Testing (Demo)

If you have decided to purchase a route optimization software, you’ll want to try the software first. However, even for a desktop software demo, you need to go through time-consuming processes such as meeting with the software company, choosing a suitable day and learning about the demo. If you don’t like the software on all this, your time (maybe your money) would be wasted. In cloud-based route planning and optimization software, the demo is generally accessible. Some companies don’t want to share it with anyone, so they ask you to request a demo. You submit a request for the demo and in no time, you can connect to the website and test the demo without the time-consuming process of having a conversation and then waiting for installation.

In this age, where technology is progressing and the internet is an indispensable part of daily life, you should not ignore the importance of the internet while integrating a new system into your business. You should make your preferences accordingly, and if you are going to buy a route optimization software, you should definitely choose a cloud-based software.

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