Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Route Optimization

Smartphones and mobile applications have an important place in our business life. In 2017, the AppStore had a record of 2,200,000 applications, and 2,800,000 are in the Google Play Store. These are really huge numbers, but do you include these applications in your business? Nowadays, companies that use mobile phones not only for communication but also for business are one step ahead of other traditional companies. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using mobile applications for route optimization.

#1 Accessibility

The biggest advantage of using mobile applications for route optimization is of course the ease of access. Whether you are using the supply chain management application or route planning application, with apps, you can track your route from wherever your mobile phones are connected to the internet. These kinds of applications can provide solutions to your operational problems in your logistics business. Using mobile applications for your field operations will make your work much easier.

#2 For Team Leaders: Real-Time Task Tracking

Using mobile applications for route optimization also simplifies task tracking. Team leaders make optimizations from the system in companies that use applications. The system distributes the places that need to be delivered on the day to the team members in the most appropriate way. The team members who take up the task will find out instantly where they will ship on that day thanks to the mobile application. They can complete the tasks by looking at the directions from the application. After finishing a task, they can indicate that they have completed the task, and team leaders can follow them in real-time through the system.

#3 For Team Members: Optimized Tasks

Team members in companies that use mobile applications for route optimization are very lucky. Routes are optimized according to the facilities of the field team. The first task of the team member is set to be the closest to their current position. Other locations where delivery is required are also determined in the best order. In this way, the field team, who sees the whole course as optimized, does not have to think about the next delivery. He is only obliged to fulfill his duties in order.

#4 Lower Costs

Companies that do not use mobile applications for route optimization need to allocate a separate budget to keep track of field teams. This is especially helpful for companies with a large number of team members, because the communication process can be very troublesome. It’s time-consuming and costly to use a messaging system to find out where a team member is, where he’s delivered, and where he’s going. Alternatively, phone calls are more costly and even more time-consuming. In such a scenario, while a call is being made, the other team member must wait until the end of this meeting. However, using a mobile application only requires an internet package, which minimizes other communication costs. As we mentioned above, team leaders can follow team members and tasks instantly. As a result, a mobile application for route optimization saves you both time and expense.

In this article, we have mentioned 4 advantages to using a mobile application to plan your deliveries and to make route optimization. It is very helpful with  logistics operations because of its ease of access, task tracking, optimized tasks that are easy to follow for the field team, and lower costs. You will recieve all these benefits and more if you use a mobile app for your delivery operations.

A very handy mobile app is also included in Metrobi Real-Time Route Optimization Software. You can contact us; we’ll be glad to answer any question you may have.

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