Rota Optimizasyonu ile Yakıt Tasarrufu Yapma Yöntemleri

Best Practices For Saving Fuel with Route Optimization Software

Political unrest in the world is causing various ups and downs in the economy. Fuel prices are one of them, and recently, they have risen a lot, and they seem to be continuing to rise even more.

The rise in fuel prices affects every sector. You don’t necessarily have to be a special vehicle service or courier company to be affected by these increases. For example, if you offer cleaning or repair services, you should consider the fuel costs of your vehicles. So, no matter what business you’re in, fuel costs can affect your profits.

Finding ways to save fuel is very important to reducing your costs. In this article, we share six fuel-saving methods to combat rising gasoline and diesel prices.


Planning efficient routes is very important for every business with a field team. If you’re still planning routes manually, efficiency can be hard to achieve. Planning the routes manually can take hours, considering factors such as traffic, weather conditions, accidents and road construction. At the same time, the result of manual route planning is unfortunately often wrong and inefficient.

Fortunately, you can create routes in minutes with real-time route planning software. These routes will always be reliable and efficient. In this way, you only need to take fuel from point A to point B, and your field team will not lose their way because of wrong routes. They won’t have to rush or force their vehicles to catch up, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption.

#2 Follow Your Field Team and Track Your Vehicles

Driving at high speed consumes more fuel. Therefore, your employees should pay attention to the speed when they set out to meet with your customers. But if you can’t be on the road with them, how can you be sure they don’t speed?

The best route optimization software allows you to keep track of your field team instantly. With the software, you can track your team’s speed and where they go. In this way, management not only reduces costs, but also ensures your employees are safe while they are on site.

In addition, this kind of management can bring discipline to your field team. For example, one of your field staff might use the vehicle for personal use during working hours. Naturally, this situation causes a waste of fuel for the company. Such unplanned activities delay your program and reduce customer satisfaction.

The best route planning software comes with a vehicle tracking system that helps you keep track of your on-site crew on the road. In this way, you can immediately see if a driver is following the specified routes and making unnecessary pauses. In addition, when your employees know they are being monitored, they avoid entering such events.

A good route planner can even help you determine if the vehicles are running for a long time. It can guide you to solve problems and take action immediately. For example, if you notice that a vehicle has been trapped in the same spot for a long time, you can contact your field team immediately and find out what’s going on. You’ll also instantly notice if your team has an accident or a problem, and you can send them the help they need.


#3 Avoid Overloading Your Vehicles

As weight increases, movement becomes difficult. Companies carrying heavy equipment have experienced that when a vehicle is heavily loaded, it consumes more fuel.

Reducing the car’s load will save you fuel. One way to do this is to share the weight of the items to be moved in a balanced way over multiple vehicles. However, it is quite difficult to achieve this manually. Considering many factors and complex calculations, it is almost impossible to share loads with vehicles through manual calculations. Route optimization software eliminates such concerns.

In addition, there are two types of restrictions to be considered when planning routes of vehicles with special qualifications.

First, there is a limited road network where these vehicles can travel. Factors such as vehicle height, weight and number of axles are included in the work. In addition, in order to avoid dangerous accidents or to comply with the requirements of the law, it is necessary to consider the presence of other hazardous substances in the vehicle and other restrictions. Therefore, when planning a route, it is necessary to make a calculation so that only certain means will be passed through certain vehicles (e.g., “Vehicles A and B cannot use the first bridge.”).

The second limitation to consider is that all vehicles in your fleet have certain maximum limitations that are specific to each vehicle. For example, a truck can only carry 10 pallet loads, and there may be extra limitations such as the weight of these pallets should not be over 10 tons.

Metrobi Dynamic Route Optimization automatically plans optimized routes for you, taking into account two constraints at the same time.

#4 Do Not Miss the Maintenance of Vehicles

If you take care of your vehicles regularly, you can reduce fuel costs because the trouble-free operation of the engine reduces fuel.

At this point, route planning software can help you. You can also track the information you need to determine which tools are in need of maintenance. You can see how far the vehicle is driving and how many kilometers it used.


#5 Tell Your Field Team Your Fuel Saving Policy.

It is very important to inform employees about vehicle use and fuel saving. Advanced route optimization software can help you with this.

This type of software comes with a reporting and analysis feature that provides information about what you have done so far and what you can do better in the future. Let’s say you want to follow your expenses very precisely. The software helps you to write down all your expenses. A good route planner comes with a timeline tool to help you view and analyze fuel costs for selected routes over a period of time.

With this information, you can give feedback based on the actual driving performance of your employees. You can also make your best employees happy with the variety of gifts, promotions or awards such as a plaque, and encourage others to save fuel.

#BONUS# Fuel in Early Mornings.

We do not know if you have paid any attention to the hours and costs of the fuel you have received in your vehicles, but if you pay attention, you will find something interesting: You are going to go a long way with the gasoline or diesel that you get in the early morning. If you refuel in the afternoon, you may be getting less fuel for the same money. As fuel gets warmer, you get less fuel. Even if you think it will not make a big difference, such a small change can profit in the long run.

In this article, after the recent increases in gasoline and diesel prices, we shared various information on route optimization and methods of fuel saving. Metrobi Real-Time Route Optimization seems to be a big help in reducing the costs of many small companies.

You can use the contact page to ask us any questions you have and to get extra information.

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