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How to Improve Delivery Efficiency with Route Planning Software

We know it is very difficult to plan your routes for your distribution and delivery jobs. It may be necessary to change previously planned routes due to problems that could occur during the day. We offer a solution so you can do all these things, which we think will be a great help in your planning and routing routines.

Keep reading if you want to increase efficiency in your deliveries:

Stop planning your routes with pen and paper.

If you want to make your deliveries on time, to satisfy your customers, and in the meantime, to spend as little money as possible without too much effort, you should not plan your routes manually. While planning routes, you have to give the best directions to your team while considering factors such as traffic, weather, and road construction. Doing this on your own is very demanding and requires serious work. You’ll probably start off making mistakes, which may delay your drivers and jobs, which will eventually upset your customers.

Another disadvantage of manually planning routes is that planning can take hours. If you have a large field team, it becomes much more difficult to plan.
Using a route planning solution, such as route optimization software, reduces the time it takes to plan routes. When you use such software, all you have to do is enter the information of your field team and the addresses of your customers into the system. Your route will be ready in a few minutes.
You can use this time to grow your business.

Metrobi Rota Planlama ve Optimizasyon Yazılımı


Use a route optimization software.

Use a delivery route planning software to plan your routes. Using a delivery route planning software enables you to give your drivers more efficient routes so you can optimize your route to all conditions and carry out your deliveries on time. Remember that 65% higher customer satisfaction is estimated for companies that use a route optimization software.

With delivery planning software, your route can be optimized dynamically according to the problems you will encounter during the day. Normally, if you experience problems such as order cancellation, vehicle failure, traffic or bad weather, it is very difficult to change the route you have prepared. However, thanks to the delivery planning software, your route can be optimized again in minutes. You can read our article if you want to learn more about route optimization.

Another advantage of the route planner software is that the route planning software makes your jobs more organized. Both you and your field team know who should do what. Tasks are automatically sent to your field team thanks to the software. Your field team can track their tasks on their smart phones, and you can follow them from your admin panel. In addition, a notification message about your delivery is sent to your customer. In this way, you will not miss any delivery.

In this article, we tried to give you tips about how to increase efficiency in your deliveries. We hope you found it useful.

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