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Route Optimization For Same Day Delivery

Customer trends are changing. There is an intense competition among e-commerce companies today, where online shopping has become much easier and more widespread. Most companies are trying to sell affordable and quality products to increase sales and better serve customers. However, these alone are not enough to stand out in the market.

E-commerce companies are aware of the importance of the delivery phase, therefore they offer free shipping. But being offered free of charge for delivery may not be enough for customers to prefer that company. Given the sales figures of companies, it seems like a good way to offer the same day delivery service in order to be able to stand out in this competition.

Of course, it is not easy to offer the same day delivery service. You will need to have the right strategy, a good team, and most importantly, the right technology. As for technology, we see that the biggest tool for  businesses that want to offer the same day delivery service is the real-time route optimization software.

Dynamic route planning software helps to all stages of the same day delivery. From planning to delivery, from allocation to execution, the route planning program can solve many of the things that companies will worry about in field service management with artificial intelligence.

There are some tips that we would like to share on how we can use route optimization software for companies that offer (or want to do so) the same day delivery.


#1 Entrust "Route Planning" to Self-Developing Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly been one of the trends of recent years. It is a technology that improves itself and makes people’s work easier in many areas. For example, some automobile manufacturers are focusing on artificial intelligence in order to make the journey in traffic a more productive and smoother experience.

Artificial intelligence, as in many technologies, are also used in route planning. The route optimization software that works with artificial intelligence allows you to complete your route planning with optimum efficiency in minutes. It is enough to enter the tools and addresses into the route planning software to optimize the artificial intelligence’s route. The software provides the best optimized routes in the shortest time possible. Artificial intelligence can do operations in the time required to make a cup of coffee, while the planning and operation manager in your company can not.

Moreover, the prepared routes are constantly updated and continuously optimized without requiring any intervention, even if the drivers face problems on the road due to traffic or bad weather conditions, etc. E-commerce sites can deliver their orders on time with this software. In this way, a lot more orders than normal can be delivered. in a day

#2 Track Your Drivers Easier.

Companies using route planner software can track their delivery vehicles in real time. Route planning software provides GPS vehicle tracking feature which can be monitored on the road. Thus, team leaders can more easily track drivers’ positions and routes. If drivers get out of routes or experience any problems, the team leader will be aware of this. With this method, the team leader can realize the problem as soon as possible and act to solve the problem.


#3 Re-Optimize Routes continuously and dynamically throughout the day.

A route planning application that helps you improve route optimization should provide you real-time and automatic re-optimization of routes as well.

For example, if a driver gets stuck on the road due to a sudden vehicle failure, the software can immediately re-optimize the route, ensuring that the affected delivery is met by reassignment to the nearest driver to the customer. The changes can be seen by the other driver’s application, so the route planning manager does not have to think about transferring the new route information.

#4 Let your customer know your estimated time of arrivals.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an e-commerce site or a company is to report delivery time to customers. After the optimization, the route planning software will give the hours of the visit. The company can integrate the routing software with the system it uses on the website and share these hours with its customers.

One of the best advantages of notifying the customer about the time of delivery arrival is that it reduces the likelihood of unsuccessful deliveries. Customers would know when to get their order, they will stay at their address, and orders don’t have to turn back from the door.

This type of service shows that an e-commerce company that provides the same day shipping service values customer satisfaction. It would not be wrong to assume that a company providing a customer notification system would be easier to stand out among its competitors.


#5 Keep and analyze the statistics of your field data.

The knowledge is power. The more knowledge a company has, the more it can achieve. Having a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips allows the company to develop, grow and manage field and service operations more effectively.

Route optimization software can also help e-commerce companies in this section. Routing optimization software can provide analysis and reports about fuel costs, total and average service times, number of deliveries per day, number of completed routes, etc.

These data are of great importance in determining the operations that need improvement. This information can help you manage the cost and performance levels of your field service employees. If a company increases the efficiency of the same-day delivery service, it can evaluate and act accordingly.


For e-commerce companies that provide delivery services, as in many other industries, it may be costly to hire new drivers. Because the new recruits have training costs and additional fees to consider. As can be expected, beginners need some time to achieve the same efficiency as experienced drivers. This training period also causes additional costs for companies.

For businesses to be successful, employees must be encouraged to perform well. One of the biggest criteria for success is the establishment of trust in the company, though it would be in the long term.

You may be able to do this with fleet management software. A good fleet delivery planning software provides drivers with the right routes and always ensures that they reach their destination in time. This enables customers to gain a positive experience while doing business with the company, while freeing employees from great stress.

Making drivers happy encourages them to continue working with the company. Companies that want to offer the same day delivery service can determine which drivers are most successful with the route optimization program they are using and take action to continue working with them accordingly.

In this article, we shared various information on route optimization for companies that deliver the same day. Metrobi Real-time Route Optimization seems to be a great help for companies.

You can use the contact page to ask us any questions you have and get extra information.

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