Dinamik Rota Optimizasyonu Lojistik Şirketlerine Neler Sunuyor

Why Top-Notch Companies Prefer Real-Time Route Optimization?

It is very troublesome to determine the routes of your field team and plan their routes in your delivery business. When you think about how much time you can save for your company and how much you will save on your route, it is a big responsibility for the team leader to plan your route. In such a case, the importance of route optimization software for route planning is emerging.

Some companies are using route planner softwares to get the best routes instead of doing it manually with pen and paper. When you use the software to input information about the field team and the customer, it will be able to show you the shortest and most profitable routes. Furthermore, the users of such software are not only companies that are interested in distribution and delivery business but also companies that provide service and maintenance. However, there are lots of route planning software out there, and not all of them may fit your needs. The real-time feature is the most important feature of the software. In this article, we will talk about what the real-time route optimization has to offer your company.

Dinamik Rota Optimizasyonu Lojistik Şirketlerine Neler Sunuyor?

The real-time feature of the route optimization software can offer instant solutions to the problems you face during the day. Metrobi real-time route optimization software offers real-time solutions to your real-time problems. Metrobi will be your biggest helper in your problems.

#1 Do Not Be Intimidated By Heavy Traffic

Whether you need to go somewhere for delivery or service, you may face many problems during the day. The first thing that comes to mind is traffic. Most delays are due to heavy traffic. Sometimes, you plan your route in the morning and share your route to your field team. During the day, however, an accident in an area on the delivery route can cause the traffic to slow down and perhaps even be blocked. In this case, you need to re-plan your route. However, if the route optimization software you are using is not dynamic, it will make such changes far more difficult.

#2 Order Cancellations Are Parts of This Job

One of your customers waiting for your visit may experience an unexpected situation, so they may not be available when you arrive. As a different scenario, consider whether an order you’ve received has been canceled or if changes have been made in the content of the order. If your customer has already informed you of this, and you have already made your route plan and given it to your field team, it may sometimes require you to reschedule the entire route.

#3 Do Not Let Road Construction Ruin Your Route Plan

There may be roadwork on a location route where you have to make a delivery. Having to plan the entire route from scratch can be a headache. In this case, however, we can recommend you use Metrobi real-time route optimization software.

#4 Your Field Team May Have An Unexpected Problem

Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of dynamic route optimization with a scenario like this: Imagine that you plan your route in the morning and share it with your field team. First deliveries have been made, but soon, you hear of the failure of one of your field crews. In this scenario, let’s say you are using the Metrobi dynamic route optimization software. Your whole plan is turned upside down with this failure, making it a scheduling catastrophe. Metrobi dynamic route optimization solution solves this problem. Metrobi optimizes the deployment of field team personnel to the other staff and optimally shares your new route with other staff members within a few minutes.

As a result, this dynamic route optimization finds solutions to your unexpected problems. Using Metrobi dynamic route optimization, you can bring a solution to your unexpected problems. Use the contact page to ask us any questions you have and to get extra information.

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