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Delivery Service for Small Businesses

Spend 80% less time on your deliveries and more time growing your business

Metrobi is a local delivery service designed for wholesale and home deliveries to help you deliver your products right away. We have any size of vehicle and trustworthy drivers who care for your customers.

500+ businesses grow with Metrobi

Make the delivery experience
your competitive edge


Skip the hassles
and start delivering faster

Skip the hiring process and stop spending hours to create the most efficient route plan. Add your destinations and click the optimize button to get the best plan. Our drivers will pick up your items at the chosen time.

Focus on what matters for growing your business

Focus on what matters
for growing your business

We know how stressful can be a delivery operation. You did not start this business to spend too much time on deliveries. Spend more time growing your business while we handle the deliveries. Join hundreds of businesses that reached new segments with Metrobi.

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Stop saying no to customers
due to delivery limitations

Reach more customers by expanding your delivery capacity and zone. Metrobi has a wide range of vehicles, including standard vans, fridge vans, and SUVs. Deliver to a big event or a single customer; we will be there for you.

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Improve customer satisfaction
with smart notifications

Metrobi sends an SMS reminder to the sender and recipient ten minutes before each delivery. Both parties receive an image of the package at the location as proof of delivery after completion. Everyone will know that the delivery is completed safely.

Without Metrobi, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many customers so easily and provide a flexible delivery option. We are also now selling to wholesale accounts. We did not have access to that earlier because we had no delivery system. In one day, we sold dozens of cases to venues. They will be coupled with the other consumer deliveries keeping overall delivery costs down. This is a great model for us.
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Owner - Dorchester Brewing Co.

How it works?

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Step 1

Seamless Onboarding Session

Our account executives will onboard you to the platform and guide you through your first delivery.

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Step 2

Manage your deliveries stress-free

Create your plan easily with the drag-and-drop route builder and optimize it with one click. Watch your deliveries in real-time.

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Step 3

Enjoy on-time deliveries

You & your customer will receive an SMS notification ten minutes before delivery and proof of delivery after completion to ensure that the delivery is completed successfully.

Your packages are safe

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Expert Drivers

Our qualified drivers are experts in handling packages that require special care and a first-class service

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Excellent Customer Support

Reach our customer support team about your questions and last-minute changes

Our track record


Small businesses are delivering with Metrobi


Less workload on delivery operations


Potential savings on deliveries

Before Metrobi, I was only able to commit to a limited number of orders and had to reject the rest because I just didn't have the bandwidth to create and deliver all the boards. Now, I am able to commit to twice as many orders because I don't spend time delivering. I expect that number will grow, but more importantly, I'm not turning down any customers.
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Owner - Boards By Mo

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