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Grow your business with Dallas Courier Delivery Service

Fast, reliable, and professional courier delivery service is now at your fingertips. We provide live tracking, route optimization, and transparent pricing, wherever you are.
Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown delivery driver with Box Truck
Fernando Reyes Columbus delivery driver with SUV
Terrence Washington Denver delivery driver with SUV

Average Driver Rating

4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)

Access to The Best Delivery Drivers in Dallas

Metrobi is your operations department

Metrobi allows you to focus on your business, instead of deliveries.

Highly Rated Delivery Drivers

You work with a network of experienced local drivers who get reviewed by businesses like yours. Your deliveries are in good hands.

Dedicated Operations Manager

You get a Dedicated Operations Manager to support drivers and handle emergencies. You focus on growing your business.

Delivery Management Software

You get route optimization, proof of delivery images, and live tracking. Your customers have access to delivery tracking and notifications.

Dedicated operations manager

Your operations manager at a fraction of the cost.

An extension of you

Manages driver communication, provides guidance, handles emergency situations, and more.

Almost like your own employee

Understands your business and products. Makes sure you provide the best experience for your customers.

Saves you 80% time from ops

You can focus on your products, sales, and growth.

Technology to increase your efficiency

Everything you need to run an efficient and smooth operation.

Proof of delivery

You and your customers receive a proof of delivery photo in real time.

Route optimization

Your routes are always the shortest and delivery prices are the lowest.

Driver tracking

You and your customers can monitor the location and status of the deliveries in real time.

Technology to impress your customers

Customizable delivery notifications, tailored for your business.
Out for delivery

"Your package from the Fresh Food Company is out for delivery. Estimated arrival time 9:45 AM"

Next delivery

Your package from the Bagel Company is next in line. Click here to track the driver.

Delivery Confirmation

"Your package from the Laundry Company has been delivered at 9:45AM. Click here for delivery photos."

Vehicles of all sizes

How it works?


Build your route in seconds

Our A.I based routing software will optimize it for efficiency.


Reserve your driver

We match you with the most suitable driver for the job.


Live track your items

See your packages get delivered in real-time.


Check your proof of deliveries

Check proof of deliveries as the driver completes the stops.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Dallas Business Owners

1. Are there size constraints for packages using Metrobi's courier service in Dallas?

No, Metrobi's courier service in Dallas accommodates packages both big and small with their diverse fleet.

2. What are the delivery specializations of Metrobi in Dallas?

Metrobi in Dallas provides services to numerous businesses, including but not limited to wholesale stores, bakeries, flower sellers, beer makers, and coffee producers, covering local and direct-to-customer deliveries.

3. How can I oversee the status of my Dallas delivery using Metrobi?

In Dallas, Metrobi provides you the capability to monitor the live location of your package and predict its estimated delivery time. We also offer a photo of the delivered item to assist in its pinpointing.

4. Is Metrobi's Dallas service set up for individual deliveries?

As of now, Metrobi in Dallas primarily serves business deliveries. However, we're considering extending our services to personal deliveries in the upcoming days.

5. How rapid is Metrobi's delivery service in Dallas?

In Dallas, Metrobi couriers swiftly pick up your packages and set the delivery in motion based on your designated route. Our efficiency often surpasses the usual same-day delivery timelines.

6. How does Metrobi in Dallas offer a budget-friendly solution compared to maintaining an independent delivery fleet or engaging another courier service?

Metrobi in Dallas prioritizes affordability through multiple avenues. Our driver payment model revolves around distance and stop count, pushing for prompt deliveries as opposed to the traditional hourly system. Our advanced algorithms also streamline routes and sequentially assign drivers to multiple businesses. This approach bolsters driver income and curtails expenses for each enterprise.

7. Is Metrobi in Dallas proficient in safely delivering fragile goods?

Absolutely! In Dallas, Metrobi is adept at handling sensitive items such as fresh flowers, gourmet food, and beverages with great precision. We consider every item as precious as our personal belongings. Check out our meticulous deliveries on our Instagram page.

Access to a large pool of local delivery drivers in Dallas

No more hiring drivers!

Want to access our large pool of drivers?

We started Metrobi to take operations off of your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.