You Found A Commissary Kitchen, Now How To Do Deliveries?

You Found A Commissary Kitchen,
Now How To Do Deliveries?

After a long research, many calls and visits, you have rented a commissary kitchen.

Now you are ready to grow your food business!

Wait… You forgot something: delivery.

How to do deliveries in your food business?

You Found A Commissary Kitchen, Now How To Do Deliveries?

#1 What do you need for food delivery?

You have two option to make food delivery:

1- Hire a delivery driver, find a van, and make deliveries in-house

2- Use an outside company to make food delivery

If you decide to make deliveries in-house, you need to hire a delivery driver. You should have a look at job-posting websites to find delivery drivers. If you find drivers, you need to train and manage them.

If you outsource food delivery service, you can avoid troubles such as finding a van, and hiring a delivery driver.

You need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one of the options by comparing B2B delivery service and employing delivery drivers.

Wholesale Pricing: How to calculate wholesale price

#2 Operational Costs

If you make deliveries in-house, you will have certain costs such as the cost of a delivery truck, full-time dedicated delivery driver, fuel, and maintenance of your vehicles. So you need to decide whether or not you really need a delivery driver.

If you use a third party solution, you need to consider the fixed and flexible costs. If you use a B2B local delivery service like Metrobi, you do not pay any fixed monthly subscription fee. You only pay per delivery. This would take off the burden from you because you do not have to pay a fixed monthly price when your business does not go well and you do not use the service.

#3 Service Quality

Service quality is one of the most important thing that you need to consider when you start making deliveries.

You need to take service quality serious because any kind of bad service may harm your reputation and your brand.

Especially in food delivery business, fast delivery is important because the food needs to keep its right temperature and condition.

So if you do not have professionals in your delivery team, food delivery may become a nightmare for your business.

You can give third party solutions a try unless you are confident and ready to make deliveries in-house.

In conclusion, finding a commissary kitchen for your food business may be a good start. However, you need to lean on the delivery part.

If you want to grow your food business, you need to excel your food delivery service.

If you are not ready to make food deliveries, Metrobi helps small businesses in the Boston area to grow their businesses with its unique and best-in-class local delivery service solution.

Try Metrobi for your food business now.

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