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The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -

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Advanced Route Optimization

Minimize travel time and reduce fuel costs with intelligent routing algorithms that find the most efficient paths for your deliveries.

Real-time Live Tracking

Provide real-time insights into delivery progress with live tracking features, enabling precise status updates and estimated arrival times.

Proof of Delivery

Enhance accountability with digital signatures, photos, or notes, confirming successful deliveries and ensuring customer satisfaction. Metrobi allows you to send proof of delivery to your customers.

Driver Mobile App

No more pen and paper. Send all route details directly to your drivers’ mobile phones via Metrobi Drivers App letting them deliver easily and efficiently.

Delivery Notifications

Keep customers informed and engaged with customizable automated delivery notifications on dispatch, progress, and successful delivery, creating a seamless communication experience.

Out for delivery

"Your package from the Fresh Food Company is out for delivery. Estimated arrival time 9:45 AM"


Next delivery

Your package from the Bagel Company is next in line. Click here to track the driver.


Delivery Confirmation

"Your package from the Laundry Company has been delivered at 9:45AM. Click here for delivery photos."

Shopify Integration

Turn your Shopify orders into delivery routes, manage in-house drivers, and access on-demand drivers right inside your Shopify Dashboard.

Learn more about our Shopify local delivery planner app

The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -


You can also access on demand drivers if you need it.

500+ businesses use drivers in Metrobi delivery platform* to deliver their products.

*Priced separately.

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Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown Delivery Driver With Box Truck
The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -
Fernando Reyes Columbus Delivery Driver With Suv
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4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)

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The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -

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The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -

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The Most Affordable Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management Software -

Access to software to manage your in-house team.

Delivery Management Software

Route Optimization

When it comes to delivery management, route optimization plays a crucial role. Small business owners focused on leaving their clients satisfied need to prioritize route optimization in their businesses. Route optimization is not restricted to certain business types, as coffee shop owners, caterers, florists, and even laundromats stand to gain a lot when they employ route optimization services.

The route optimization process requires very careful planning, as we consider multiple factors to ensure efficient customer-focused operations. Without route optimization, businesses will struggle to stay relevant in today’s competitive market.

With years of relevant experience, Metrobi has gained relevant knowledge and experience that gives it an edge over its competitors. As a company, we are dedicated to ensuring your business thrives in its competitive space.

Metrobi has a detailed and intentional approach to delivery management.

Imagine having the power to monitor your deliveries at any given moment. Metrobi’s real-time live-tracking feature brings this to reality. With GPS technology integrated into our platform, you gain unprecedented visibility into your package’s movements. This allows you to get precise status updates and reliable estimated arrival times.

In logistics, accountability is not an option; it’s a necessity. Metrobi’s proof of delivery features are meticulously designed to enhance accountability within your organization and delight your customers through transparency and reliability.

Metrobi empowers your business with the tools to strengthen accountability, exceed customer expectations, and thrive in the competitive logistics landscape. With our digital signatures, photographic evidence, delivery notes, and real-time notifications, you’re delivering not just packages but trust and satisfaction.

In today’s digital age, efficiency is not merely an advantage but sits at the core of a successful business. Metrobi’s driver’s mobile app puts the days of depending on pen and paper in the past. With our mobile app, you can send details of your routes directly to our drivers, making their delivery easy and efficient.

This app provides a gateway to seamless operations as it helps to save time significantly. Make the shift from pen and paper to a digital world, and experience the future with Metrobi. Efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction are only a few clicks away.

At Metrobi, we recognize that customer engagement goes beyond the delivery process. It is about building lasting relationships. With Metrobi, you have the tools to transform customer engagement throughout their entire journey with your brand.

Your customers are notified on the status of their delivery, when it is dispatched, when it is en route to them, and also get a confirmation when it is delivered. This makes them feel important as they are carried along throughout the process.

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We started Metrobi to take operations off your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.