Delivery Driver & Courier Jobs in Anchorage

Become a Metrobi Delivery Driver in Anchorage and earn up to $1200 a week with your SUV, Minivan, Van, or Box Truck!

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Metrobi’s Anchorage independent courier jobs let you choose when and where you want to deliver.
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How to find delivery courier jobs in Anchorage?


Download Metrobi Drivers App to find driving jobs in Anchorage

Find driving job opportunities in Anchorage by downloading the Metrobi Drivers App, where you can connect with potential employers in the area.

See Available Courier Jobs in Anchorage

Explore a list of currently available driving jobs in Anchorage, offering you a range of opportunities to choose from.

Deliver for Anchorage local businesses

Become a delivery driver in Anchorage and serve the local businesses, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to their customers.

Use Metrobi App while delivering in Anchorage

During your Anchorage courier jobs, utilize the Metrobi App to navigate routes, manage assignments, and stay connected with the delivery network.

Get paid weekly

Enjoy the convenience of receiving weekly payments for your courier jobs in Anchorage, providing you with a regular and reliable income stream.


Must be 21 or older

A clean vehicle

Valid driver’s license

Smartphone with internet

Can carry items up to 50lbs

Pass standard background check​

Find Anchorage courier jobs on the Metrobi App

Download Metrobi App to find Anchorage courier jobs and start making money.

FAQs about Anchorage courier jobs

Learn how independent delivery courier jobs in Anchorage work.

Why is Metrobi the best platform to find the best courier jobs in Anchorage?

The Metrobi platform connects local businesses in Anchorage with independent couriers. Businesses post their courier tasks, including job descriptions, pickup details, and payment terms. By partnering with these businesses, drivers can earn revenue while contributing to the local economy. Their contributions foster job creation in Anchorage, and they are valued as part of the team. Drivers receive respectful treatment from businesses that recognize their role. Metrobi's preferred driver feature enhances earning potential. Businesses can add drivers to their preferred list, giving them priority for courier jobs. Over time, drivers establish relationships and build a portfolio of driving jobs, ensuring a steady income.

How can I find independent courier jobs near me in Anchorage with Metrobi?

Metrobi's selective recruitment process limits the number of couriers in each region, ensuring job stability for active drivers. Consequently, a waitlist exists in our operating areas. To join the platform, applicants must download the Metrobi App and provide necessary documentation such as driver's license and insurance. Upon eligibility, the Metrobi team will reach out to guide you through the process. You will then have access to available driving jobs in your region. Initially, new couriers will primarily handle on-demand and last-minute deliveries. Gradually, by establishing relationships with local businesses, you can become their preferred driver, securing ongoing contracts and enhancing your earning potential.

How much will I get paid for the Anchorage delivery driver jobs on Metrobi?

Local businesses set their own courier rates on Metrobi. These rates are typically based on hourly work or completed deliveries. The platform ensures transparency by clearly displaying these rates on each job description. Metrobi charges businesses fees separately from courier payments. This means that contractors receive the full amount of their earnings, with no commissions taken by Metrobi. The platform facilitates the delivery process without profiting from the payments made to couriers.

What will I be delivering in Anchorage?

Anchorage boasts a diverse array of businesses, providing ample delivery opportunities across various industries. From artisanal food and bakery goods to beverages, catering, coffee, and fresh produce, there are countless options for delivery drivers. Additionally, Anchorage offers a wide range of courier services, including same-day, bulk order, urgent express, on-demand, and overnight delivery. By partnering with Metrobi, couriers can establish preferred partnerships with businesses and become their trusted delivery providers for all their needs. This can lead to dedicated courier contracts and ongoing business relationships.

How much can I make with Anchorage delivery courier jobs?

Your earnings as a courier hinge upon your delivery proficiency, the volume of deliveries you undertake, and your capacity for fostering relationships. Numerous couriers on Metrobi surpass $1,200 per week. By consistently delivering exceptional service, businesses will elevate you to their preferred courier status, resulting in higher pay and priority notification of delivery opportunities. This will establish a reliable source of driving revenue.

As a delivery driver, how can I know if I get paid fairly?

As an independent courier in Anchorage, you enjoy the flexibility of selecting the jobs that align with your preferences. The Metrobi App conveniently displays all available independent courier jobs in the area, along with their corresponding payment rates. This transparency ensures that every courier receives the same payment for their services. Additionally, couriers who maintain high ratings and establish themselves as preferred drivers have an increased likelihood of securing more desirable job opportunities.

What hours do I need to work for the courier jobs in Anchorage?

Anchorage offers round-the-clock courier job opportunities, providing flexibility to work whenever it suits you. These jobs can serve as the main source of income for some couriers, while others use them to supplement their existing income. By consistently working with Metrobi, couriers can establish strong connections with businesses posting job listings. This leads to preferential treatment and a more stable income stream. As couriers complete more jobs, their earning potential through Metrobi courier jobs increases.

What type of vehicles do I need for the Anchorage courier jobs?

Anchorage's Metrobi platform empowers local businesses by connecting them with reliable couriers. Each week, Metrobi facilitates the onboarding of trusted businesses that post delivery tasks ranging from small envelopes to larger packages requiring box trucks. Metrobi's matching algorithm ensures that couriers with preferred business relationships or top ratings are prioritized for job assignments. Couriers have the flexibility to utilize various vehicles, from SUVs to box trucks, provided they meet the requirements set by the businesses. To inquire further, don't hesitate to contact the Metrobi support team for assistance.

Can I use a rental vehicle for deliveries in Anchorage?

Unfortunately we don't accept rental vehicles in Anchorage. You have to own the vehicle you use.

How long does it take to be activated in Anchorage?

Anchorage is one of our active markets. Our Ops team reviews applications every day. If you have submitted all required documents, it may take up to 48 hours to get activated on the Metrobi platform depending on the application volume.
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