We're actively hiring in Dallas!

Delivery Driver & Courier Jobs in Dallas

Become a Metrobi Delivery Driver in Dallas and earn up to $1200 a week with your SUV, Minivan, Van, or Box Truck!

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Metrobi’s Dallas independent courier jobs let you choose when and where you want to deliver.
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We're actively hiring in Dallas!

How to find delivery courier jobs in Dallas?


Download Metrobi Drivers App to find driving jobs in Dallas

Find driving job opportunities in Dallas by downloading the Metrobi Drivers App, where you can connect with potential employers in the area.

See Available Courier Jobs in Dallas

Explore a list of currently available driving jobs in Dallas, offering you a range of opportunities to choose from.

Deliver for Dallas local businesses

Become a delivery driver in Dallas and serve the local businesses, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to their customers.

Use Metrobi App while delivering in Dallas

During your Dallas courier jobs, utilize the Metrobi App to navigate routes, manage assignments, and stay connected with the delivery network.

Get paid weekly

Enjoy the convenience of receiving weekly payments for your courier jobs in Dallas, providing you with a regular and reliable income stream.


Must be 21 or older

A clean vehicle

Valid driver’s license

Smartphone with internet

Can carry items up to 50lbs

Pass standard background check​

Find Dallas courier jobs on the Metrobi App

We're actively hiring in Dallas!
Download Metrobi App to find Dallas courier jobs and start making money.

FAQs about Dallas courier jobs

Learn how independent delivery courier jobs in Dallas work.

Why is Metrobi the best platform to find the best courier jobs in Dallas?

Local Dallas businesses rely on Metrobi to connect them with independent couriers. By posting their delivery requests on the platform, businesses provide all necessary details, including job descriptions, pickup information, and compensation.Collaborating with local businesses offers mutual benefits. Couriers earn income while supporting the Dallas economy. Their contributions foster job growth and a sense of community. Businesses view their drivers as integral team members and treat them with respect.Metrobi's preferred driver feature enables businesses to add certain drivers to their preferred list. These drivers are the first to see and accept delivery jobs from these businesses. As couriers build relationships and create a portfolio of completed jobs, they establish a steady income stream from driving for local businesses.

How can I find independent courier jobs near me in Dallas with Metrobi?

Metrobi maintains a limited driver pool in each market to ensure consistent employment for active couriers. As a result, markets may have waitlists.To join Metrobi, applicants must submit their driver's license, vehicle insurance, and other relevant documents through the Metrobi App. Once an opening becomes available, Metrobi's support team will contact individuals and provide details about the Dallas courier positions and expectations.Upon joining, drivers will typically start by taking on last-minute or single-delivery jobs in Dallas. Over time, they can establish relationships with local businesses and become their preferred drivers. This progression allows individuals to secure long-term delivery assignments within their desired market.

How much will I get paid for the Dallas delivery driver jobs on Metrobi?

Metrobi empowers local businesses by allowing them to set the rates for their Dallas delivery jobs. These rates are typically determined on an hourly basis or per delivery drop. Businesses are provided with transparency as Metrobi clearly displays the courier job payments within the job descriptions.Unlike other platforms, Metrobi maintains a separate financial arrangement with businesses. This means that Metrobi does not take commissions from your delivery payments. As a result, you receive the entirety of the courier job payments, ensuring that you retain the full value of your services.

What will I be delivering in Dallas?

Dallas boasts a diverse array of businesses, offering a wide range of delivery opportunities for couriers. These businesses encompass fields such as artisan food, catering, coffee, floristry, fresh produce, and wholesalers.In addition to this industry diversity, Dallas courier jobs encompass a comprehensive suite of services. These include same-day delivery, bulk order fulfillment, express urgent deliveries, on-demand transportation, and overnight deliveries.Metrobi empowers couriers to establish preferred partnerships with businesses they prefer working with. By consistently providing reliable and efficient delivery services, couriers can become the trusted and go-to providers for these businesses. This enables couriers to secure dedicated contracts and establish long-term relationships with their clients.

How much can I make with Dallas delivery courier jobs?

Your earning potential as a courier hinges on three factors: delivery quality, job availability, and networking abilities. By consistently delivering superior service, you'll earn a reputation as a preferred courier. Businesses will prioritize your services and offer higher rates, ensuring you receive first dibs on their delivery jobs.Building strong relationships with clients is crucial. By going the extra mile and providing a seamless experience, you'll establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy partner. This will lead to increased job opportunities and a steady stream of income. As your reputation grows, you'll have the potential to generate significant weekly earnings, surpassing the $1,200 mark and creating a consistent driving income.

As a delivery driver, how can I know if I get paid fairly?

As a Dallas-based independent courier, you have the flexibility to select the assignments you undertake. Metrobi App provides comprehensive information on all courier jobs available, including their respective pay. The pay structure is transparent and uniform for all couriers. Notably, drivers with higher ratings or preferred status are more likely to secure courier assignments over others.

What hours do I need to work for the courier jobs in Dallas?

Dallas offers a wide range of courier jobs that provide flexible work schedules. Whether you're looking for a primary income source or a way to supplement your current earnings, becoming a courier in Dallas can be a rewarding opportunity.By joining Metrobi, you'll have access to a network of businesses seeking couriers. The more you work, the stronger your relationship with these businesses becomes, increasing your chances of landing recurring driving jobs and establishing a reliable income stream.

What type of vehicles do I need for the Dallas courier jobs?

Metrobi continually partners with top Dallas businesses, providing a platform for delivery professionals to access a wide range of jobs. From small envelopes to large packages requiring box trucks, Metrobi offers a diverse selection of courier opportunities.Couriers have the flexibility to choose the jobs that align with their preferences and capabilities. Metrobi's advanced algorithms prioritize couriers based on their standing with preferred businesses and their overall performance ratings. This ensures that the most reliable and efficient couriers are assigned to the most suitable tasks.Metrobi supports a range of vehicles, including SUVs and box trucks, allowing couriers to utilize their existing resources. To meet the expectations of local businesses and ensure optimal service, couriers must ensure their vehicles adhere to the specified specifications. For further assistance or inquiries, couriers can contact the Metrobi support team for guidance and support.

Can I use a rental vehicle for deliveries in Dallas?

Unfortunately we don't accept rental vehicles in Dallas. You have to own the vehicle you use.

How long does it take to be activated in Dallas?

Dallas is one of our active markets. Our Ops team reviews applications every day. If you have submitted all required documents, it may take up to 48 hours to get activated on the Metrobi platform depending on the application volume.

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