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Metrobi’s Los Angeles independent courier jobs let you choose when and where you want to deliver.
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How to find delivery courier jobs in Los Angeles?


Download Metrobi Drivers App to find driving jobs in Los Angeles

Find driving job opportunities in Los Angeles by downloading the Metrobi Drivers App, where you can connect with potential employers in the area.

See Available Courier Jobs in Los Angeles

Explore a list of currently available driving jobs in Los Angeles, offering you a range of opportunities to choose from.

Deliver for Los Angeles local businesses

Become a delivery driver in Los Angeles and serve the local businesses, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to their customers.

Use Metrobi App while delivering in Los Angeles

During your Los Angeles courier jobs, utilize the Metrobi App to navigate routes, manage assignments, and stay connected with the delivery network.

Get paid weekly

Enjoy the convenience of receiving weekly payments for your courier jobs in Los Angeles, providing you with a regular and reliable income stream.


Must be 21 or older

A clean vehicle

Valid driver’s license

Smartphone with internet

Can carry items up to 50lbs

Pass standard background check​

Find Los Angeles courier jobs on the Metrobi App

Download Metrobi App to find Los Angeles courier jobs and start making money.

FAQs about Los Angeles courier jobs

Learn how independent delivery courier jobs in Los Angeles work.

Why is Metrobi the best platform to find the best courier jobs in Los Angeles?

Local Los Angeles businesses rely on the Metrobi platform to connect with independent couriers in their area. Businesses can post courier jobs on the platform, providing details such as job descriptions, pickup and delivery information, and payment terms. By partnering with local businesses, couriers not only earn money but also contribute to the Los Angeles economy. This, in turn, creates additional employment opportunities within the city. Businesses value their delivery drivers as part of their team and treat them with respect. Through Metrobi's preferred driver feature, businesses can add couriers to their preferred driver list. This gives drivers priority access to courier delivery jobs from those businesses. As couriers develop a portfolio of driving jobs and relationships with businesses, they can establish a reliable source of income.

How can I find independent courier jobs near me in Los Angeles with Metrobi?

Metrobi restricts the number of couriers in each market to ensure steady employment for active drivers. Consequently, there is a waiting list for the markets we serve. Upon downloading the Metrobi App, provide necessary details including your driver's license, vehicle insurance, and other permits. Once your turn arrives, the Metrobi support team will reach out to clarify the expectations and workings of the Los Angeles courier jobs. Subsequently, you will have access to view and accept driving jobs in Los Angeles. Initially, you will be assigned last-minute or one-time delivery jobs. As you engage with local businesses, you will establish connections and become their preferred drivers. This will lead to you becoming their primary delivery provider.

How much will I get paid for the Los Angeles delivery driver jobs on Metrobi?

Local businesses on Metrobi have the flexibility to set the rates for their delivery jobs in Los Angeles. These rates are typically calculated based on an hourly rate or a cost per delivery. Metrobi conveniently displays these payment amounts in the job descriptions, making it transparent for couriers. Metrobi maintains a separate billing process with businesses, ensuring that 100% of the courier payments go directly to the independent contractors. This eliminates any commissions or deductions from Metrobi, guaranteeing that couriers receive the full compensation agreed upon by the businesses.

What will I be delivering in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles harbors businesses from numerous fields. Employment opportunities in food and beverage delivery span coffee, farm-to-table produce, florists, food suppliers, meal preparation services, and wholesalers. The Los Angeles job market teems with a variety of delivery options, including expedited, same-day, on-demand, and next-day services. As you utilize our services, you have the potential to become the favored delivery partner for enterprises you're comfortable collaborating with. You'll ascend as their indispensable conveyance resource, granting you access to exclusive, long-term partnerships.

How much can I make with Los Angeles delivery courier jobs?

Your courier income is primarily influenced by your delivery quality, the volume of jobs you complete, and your ability to build strong relationships with businesses. On Metrobi, many couriers earn over $1,200 per week. By delivering exceptional service, you can earn a place on the preferred courier list of businesses. This ensures you have priority access to their courier jobs, resulting in a more stable driving income. As your reputation for reliability and professionalism grows, businesses will become more likely to pay you higher rates for your services.

As a delivery driver, how can I know if I get paid fairly?

As an independent courier in Los Angeles, you're in control of your work schedule, selecting only the jobs that align with your preferences. Metrobi App provides comprehensive information on all available courier jobs in the city, including clear payment details. The platform ensures transparent and uniform compensation for all couriers. Drivers with positive ratings and preferred status have a higher chance of securing courier jobs. This merit-based system rewards couriers for their reliability and quality of service, fostering a competitive and motivated workforce within the independent courier community in Los Angeles.

What hours do I need to work for the courier jobs in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, courier opportunities are abundant 24/7. You hold the reins, choosing when and for how long you want to work. For some, Metrobi courier jobs serve as their sole income stream. For others, they offer a flexible way to supplement their current earnings. By working diligently with Metrobi, you enhance your connection with businesses seeking couriers. This strengthened relationship increases your chances of becoming a preferred delivery partner and establishing a reliable source of income through driving jobs.

What type of vehicles do I need for the Los Angeles courier jobs?

Metrobi provides a platform for businesses in Los Angeles to post delivery jobs ranging from small envelope deliveries to large packages requiring box trucks. As a courier, you have the flexibility to select the jobs you wish to undertake. Metrobi utilizes advanced technology to prioritize couriers who are preferred by local businesses or have high ratings. To become a courier with Metrobi, you can utilize any vehicle from an SUV to a box truck, provided it meets the specifications set by the businesses posting the courier jobs. If you have any queries or require further assistance, you can contact the Metrobi support team for guidance.

Can I use a rental vehicle for deliveries in Los Angeles?

Unfortunately we don't accept rental vehicles in Los Angeles. You have to own the vehicle you use.

How long does it take to be activated in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of our active markets. Our Ops team reviews applications every day. If you have submitted all required documents, it may take up to 48 hours to get activated on the Metrobi platform depending on the application volume.
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