Delivery Driver Jobs in Salt Lake City

Become a Metrobi Driver in Salt Lake City and Earn up to $1200 a week with your SUV, Minivan, Van, or Box Truck!

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100% of what Salt Lake City businesses pay goes to you. Metrobi takes no commission!

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How to find delivery driver jobs in Salt Lake City?


Download Metrobi Drivers App to find driving jobs in Salt Lake City

Find driving job opportunities in Salt Lake City by downloading the Metrobi Drivers App, where you can connect with potential employers in the area.

See Available Driving Jobs in Salt Lake City

Explore a list of currently available driving jobs in Salt Lake City, offering you a range of opportunities to choose from.

Deliver for Salt Lake City local businesses

Become a delivery driver and serve the local businesses in Salt Lake City, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to their customers.

Use Metrobi App while delivering in Salt Lake City

During your deliveries in Salt Lake City, utilize the Metrobi App to navigate routes, manage assignments, and stay connected with the delivery network.

Get paid weekly

Enjoy the convenience of receiving weekly payments for your driving services in Salt Lake City, providing you with a regular and reliable income stream.


Must be 21 or older

A clean vehicle

Valid driver’s license

Smartphone with Internet

Can carry items up to 40lbs

Pass standard background check​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be delivering in Salt Lake City?

In Salt Lake City, we link up with food & beverage and floral companies for their delivery needs.

How frequently am I expected to deliver in Salt Lake City?

In Salt Lake City, you're given a flexible schedule. When there's a new delivery available within your region (100 miles radius), you'll receive a notification. This way, you have the liberty to manage your own schedule.

What is needed to become a Metrobi driver in Salt Lake City?

To be a Metrobi driver in Salt Lake City, you need to have a box truck, sprinter-size van, reefer van, or an SUV.

What's the procedure for delivering in Salt Lake City?

In Salt Lake City, you'll be using the Metrobi mobile app to monitor both your deliveries and your schedule.

Are there any Metrobi local driving jobs near me in Salt Lake City?

Absolutely, Metrobi has local driving jobs available in Salt Lake City.

Can I use a rental vehicle for deliveries in Salt Lake City?

Unfortunately we don't accept rental vehicles in Salt Lake City. You have to own the vehicle you use.

How long does it take to be activated in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is one of our active markets. Our Ops team reviews applications every day. If you have submitted all required documents, it may take up to 48 hours to get activated on the Metrobi platform depending on the application volume.

What other cities can I find delivery driver jobs other than Salt Lake City?

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