We're not active in New Orleans yet.

Delivery Driver & Courier Jobs in New Orleans

Become a Metrobi Delivery Driver in New Orleans and earn up to $1200 a week with your SUV, Minivan, Van, or Box Truck!

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We are not active in New Orleans yet.

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We’re excited about our future expansion and would love for you to be a part of it. While we’re not yet active in New Orleans, you can join our waitlist to be the first to know when we arrive.
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Metrobi’s New Orleans independent courier jobs let you choose when and where you want to deliver.
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We're not active in New Orleans yet.

How to find delivery courier jobs in New Orleans?


Download Metrobi Drivers App to find driving jobs in New Orleans

Find driving job opportunities in New Orleans by downloading the Metrobi Drivers App, where you can connect with potential employers in the area.

See Available Courier Jobs in New Orleans

Explore a list of currently available driving jobs in New Orleans, offering you a range of opportunities to choose from.

Deliver for New Orleans local businesses

Become a delivery driver in New Orleans and serve the local businesses, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to their customers.

Use Metrobi App while delivering in New Orleans

During your New Orleans courier jobs, utilize the Metrobi App to navigate routes, manage assignments, and stay connected with the delivery network.

Get paid weekly

Enjoy the convenience of receiving weekly payments for your courier jobs in New Orleans, providing you with a regular and reliable income stream.


Must be 21 or older

A clean vehicle

Valid driver’s license

Smartphone with internet

Can carry items up to 50lbs

Pass standard background check​

Find New Orleans courier jobs on the Metrobi App

Download Metrobi App to find New Orleans courier jobs and start making money.

FAQs about New Orleans courier jobs

Learn how independent delivery courier jobs in New Orleans work.
We're not active in New Orleans yet.

Why is Metrobi the best platform to find the best courier jobs in New Orleans?

Leveraging the Metrobi platform, local businesses in New Orleans can effortlessly connect with independent couriers within the city. They seamlessly post courier jobs, providing crucial details such as job requirements, pickup specifics, and compensation. By collaborating with these businesses, couriers not only earn revenue but also contribute to the economic growth of New Orleans. Their efforts create a ripple effect, fostering job creation and economic stimulation. Businesses value their delivery drivers as integral members of their team, ensuring a respectful work environment. Metrobi's preferred driver feature allows businesses to add drivers to their preferred list, giving them priority access to courier deliveries. This fosters long-term relationships between drivers and businesses, leading to a reliable stream of driving jobs and a consistent income.

How can I find independent courier jobs near me in New Orleans with Metrobi?

To ensure stability for active drivers, Metrobi intentionally limits the number of couriers in each market. This approach necessitates a waitlist in operational regions. Upon downloading the Metrobi app, individuals must provide essential documentation, such as driver's license, vehicle insurance, and requisite licenses. Once a spot on the waitlist becomes available, the Metrobi support team will reach out to explain employment expectations and courier operations in New Orleans. This is followed by the opportunity to view and accept delivery jobs in the area. Initially, new drivers may fulfill short-notice or one-time delivery requests. As they establish relationships with local businesses, their reliability and performance can lead to becoming preferred drivers. This progression ultimately positions them as the primary delivery service provider for those establishments.

How much will I get paid for the New Orleans delivery driver jobs on Metrobi?

Local businesses on Metrobi set their own payment rates for delivery jobs in New Orleans. These rates are typically charged by the hour or drop. When you view a job description, the payment is included for your convenience. Metrobi does not take a commission on delivery job payments. Instead, 100% of the payment goes directly to you. This ensures that businesses can accurately reflect their desired payment structure without any hidden fees or deductions.

What will I be delivering in New Orleans?

New Orleans businesses offer a vast array of delivery opportunities, including artisan food, bakery items, beverages, catering services, coffee, fresh produce, flowers, food production, meal preparation, seafood, and wholesale goods. Courier services in New Orleans encompass a comprehensive suite of options, such as same-day delivery, fulfillment of bulk orders, express urgent delivery, on-demand delivery, and overnight delivery. By utilizing the Metrobi platform, drivers have the potential to establish themselves as preferred couriers for businesses they favor collaborating with. This recognition can lead to dedicated courier contracts, ensuring consistent work for the drivers and reliable delivery services for the businesses.

How much can I make with New Orleans delivery courier jobs?

Your income as a courier is heavily influenced by three key factors: the quality of your deliveries, the volume of jobs you accept, and your ability to establish strong relationships with clients. By consistently delivering exceptional service, you can earn a spot on businesses' preferred courier lists, increasing their willingness to offer you higher compensation and exclusive access to delivery opportunities. As a result, you can establish a steady stream of driving income. The quality of your deliveries is paramount. Businesses prioritize couriers who handle their packages with care, deliver them on time, and provide excellent customer service. By going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, you can build a solid reputation and establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy courier.

As a delivery driver, how can I know if I get paid fairly?

As an independent courier in New Orleans, you enjoy the flexibility of selecting the jobs that align with your preferences. Metrobi App provides a comprehensive overview of all available courier jobs, along with their respective compensation. This transparency ensures that all couriers receive equal pay. Furthermore, couriers with consistently high ratings and preferred status have a higher likelihood of securing courier assignments.

What hours do I need to work for the courier jobs in New Orleans?

New Orleans offers ample courier job opportunities 24/7. Couriers have the flexibility to set their own work hours and workload. For some, courier jobs serve as their primary income source, while others use them to supplement their current earnings. Metrobi, a courier service provider in New Orleans, fosters strong relationships between its couriers and the businesses that post jobs. By increasing your workload with Metrobi, you enhance your chances of being added to the preferred list of businesses. This can lead to a stable and consistent income from courier driving.

What type of vehicles do I need for the New Orleans courier jobs?

Metrobi continuously partners with reputable local businesses in New Orleans, offering a wide range of delivery opportunities. Couriers are presented with options ranging from delivering documents to transporting larger items in box trucks. Metrobi's advanced matching system favors highly-rated couriers and those featured on businesses' preferred lists. This ensures that the most reliable and efficient individuals are matched with the appropriate delivery tasks. Couriers can utilize various vehicles, from compact SUVs to spacious box trucks, as long as they adhere to the specific requirements set by the businesses. The Metrobi support team is readily available to provide any additional information or assistance required.

Can I use a rental vehicle for deliveries in New Orleans?

Unfortunately we don't accept rental vehicles in New Orleans. You have to own the vehicle you use.

How long does it take to be activated in New Orleans?

We are not active in New Orleans yet. You can join our waitlist and be the first one to know when we launch there.
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