Local delivery service vs. Employing delivery drivers

B2B Pay-as-you-go Delivery Service vs. Employing Delivery Drivers

How does a third-party delivery service work?

If you are running a B2B business and you need transportation of your products, you can use Metrobi’s local delivery service.


  1. We set a meeting to analyze your delivery operations, completely for free.
  2. We send a quote, which will be at least 20% cheaper than your current operational costs.
  3. After the agreement, we deliver it for you.

It’s that simple.

Advantages Of Using Pay-As-You-Go Delivery Service
Did You Know?
You can choose what to pay your drivers. With Metrobi, you have full control over driver compensation, ensuring your budget aligns with your business needs. Start delivering with Metrobi

Why prefer a third-party local delivery service instead of employing a delivery driver?

#1 Get rid of all the troubles of finding, leasing or buying a van

We know it is time-consuming to find a good vehicle for your logistical needs.

First, you need to decide which brand and model you should buy.

Second, you need to decide whether you should buy or lease a van. This is a long process.

Third, you need to decide if the van should be used or brand-new.

Forth, after you decide what to do, you need to take the following into consideration: Bodywork, suspension, lights, air-conditioning, brakes, tires, engine… This is a long list.

Use Metrobi Local Delivery Service and get rid of all these troubles.

Do You Really Need A Delivery Driver?

#2 Avoid the labor of finding a good driver

Unfortunately you are not finished if you are determined to use your own fleet for your delivery operations. Next: Finding a driver.

Finding a delivery driver is another tedious process. You need to take the following into consideration: IRS, your state’s labor laws, the driver’s skills and attributions; such as good communication skills, behavior, work experience, licences and professionalism…

You need to find websites and offline sources to publish your delivery driver job post. It may take a long time to find the right person.

Or, you can use Metrobi Local Delivery Service and forget about the rest. If you want to focus on your business rather than on dealing with all the trouble of building your own fleet, request a callback now.

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