Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Fast Courier Service in Los Angeles

How many times have you read a review online saying, “It’s a good product, but slow delivery and poor customer service,” or something to that effect? 

Would you purchase the item having read several bad reviews? At the very least, the reviews may make you question the company and consider other options. 

Ensuring your customers are happy with every aspect of your business and service is essential, including the delivery of your goods. Failing to do so could cost you repeat business and future sales. 

In today’s internet and social media-driven world, far more people purchase or arrange wholesale deliveries online. They also research heavily on the internet before deciding on the items they want to buy. 

This is one of the main reasons why retailers or those involved in the supply of goods in Los Angeles either need to budget for the cost of a fleet of in-house delivery vehicles, payroll the drivers, and account for the necessary logistics technology, or outsource to a professional courier service. 

But what happens if you don’t have the high initial outlay to invest in organizing the deliveries yourself? In that case, what credentials should you look for when deciding on a fast Los Angeles delivery service? 

Consider these four factors to help you decide which courier service in Los Angeles is best for you.

Is The Courier Service in Los Angeles Reliable?

Los Angeles is renowned for its gridlock and was voted America’s sixth most congested city in a 2022 survey. 

Getting around Los Angeles and finding parking is challenging for all downtown and city drivers, especially during the weekday commuter rush hours or when events are taking place like the LA Marathon, Oscars, or LA Pride. 

Avoiding time stuck in traffic is the number one reason so many local businesses outsource to a courier service in Los Angeles, as a good delivery service can save you considerable time and money. However, this depends on if they have the number of vehicles, drivers, and tech to get to the locations on time and deliver your goods quickly. 

A good delivery company should be able to demonstrate that they deliver a quality service, so do Google the company and check what others say about their service on review sites. 

Remember that you will always get a couple of dissatisfied customers. Still, if most of the reviews and testimonials are positive, chances are that the courier service is reliable and worth considering.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Fast Courier Service in Los Angeles - courier service in los angeles -
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Does the Delivery Company Offer a Full Service?

The range of services provided by one delivery service can differ from another, so it’s important to establish precisely what kind of delivery service you need and find a Los Angeles courier service that can deal with your requirements. 

Many businesses requiring deliveries in LA are linked to the catering, food, or beverage industry. Also, due to the volume of tourist attractions like the iconic Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame, Movie Studios, and Griffith Observatory, many businesses supply restaurants and hotels, such as laundry companies, artisan bakeries, and coffee suppliers

Some of the best LA courier services, like Metrobi, have developed specialist delivery services catering exclusively to these sectors, with trained drivers and specific vehicles servicing the deliveries. 

Furthermore, professional delivery services should have a large pool of drivers and a range of vans, box trucks, SUVs, and minivans to ensure your goods are carried safely. This includes drivers that can deliver on Thanksgiving, The Holidays, and out of hours. 

Do check that the courier you’re considering offers you the full service you need to avoid problems down the line.

Does The Courier Service Offer Clear Pricing?

You may assume that using a wholesale, express, or same-day courier service will cost too much money, but think again. 

Of course, there are costs involved in outsourcing to a delivery company. Still, compared to the cost of purchasing vehicles, hiring drivers, and equipping the vans with the route optimization technology necessary to beat the traffic, the cost of using the professionals usually outweighs the expense. 

In most traditional delivery services in LA, the prices vary depending on how many packages you need to be delivered and how quickly they need to reach their destination. For instance, an urgent express delivery of an item will cost more than a standard or overnight service. 

With this type of pricing arrangement, it’s important to state exactly what you want and expect from the courier and check the small print for any additional charges. 

In contrast, Metrobi runs a subscription-based service with clear prices based on the volume of deliveries you need. 

Our pricing is a great benefit as you can budget for the cost in advance and maybe even recoup the expense, as most customers are willing to pay a little more for a swift and reliable courier service.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Fast Courier Service in Los Angeles - courier service in los angeles -
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Is It Easy to Arrange and Track Your Deliveries?

Having discussed cost and reliability, perhaps the last factor to consider when choosing a Los Angeles courier service is how easy it is to arrange your deliveries and what technology they have in place to help you monitor your logistics. 

The most advanced courier services have their own software or an App that lets you log in, organize, and manage the speedy pick-up and dispatch of your goods online. 

The best courier services also attach a barcode to each item and use innovative GPS technology to allow you to track exactly where the package is at any time. 

This information helps troubleshoot delays and can be accessed by both you and your customer to monitor delivery progress. It can also be used to give an estimated time of arrival and ensure the goods are on their way if asked. 

If you are one of the 100,000+ small businesses in Los Angeles involved in the supply of fresh produce or time-sensitive goods, this live tracking software is a real advantage and greatly improves customer satisfaction. It also gives you confidence that the courier is professional and your deliveries are in safe hands. 

To learn more about the courier services in Los Angeles Metrobi provide, please get in touch, and request a callback.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Fast Courier Service in Los Angeles
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