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10 benefits of real-time tracking in logistics

Before the recent surge in online purchasing and e-commerce, traditional 3 to 5-day delivery satisfied most customers. Today, that’s no longer the case, and more people now demand overnight delivery or a third-party express courier service, and failing to offer such services does put you at risk of losing repeat trade.

Reliably delivering goods within tight timeframes and keeping track of the movement of items when they are in transit poses problems for any supply business, especially if you’re a small business operating or just starting out.  

Thankfully, there is now a practical and affordable solution to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their deliveries, navigate traffic, and monitor the movement of drivers and packages to ensure customer orders are fulfilled and the customer remains happy.

We are happy to introduce you to our delivery route planning software with a built-in real-time tracking system that allows you to plot the most efficient route between points and lets you see the live whereabouts of the vehicle and items at any time.

Real-time tracking in logistics is helping to transform antiquated delivery processes as it enables you to predict and troubleshoot delays, set out and measure key logistics metrics, and improve your overall business performance.

Read on to discover more about the benefits of real-time tracking and how this innovative technology could help boost your profits and productivity.

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Benefits of Real Time Tracking in Logistics

1. Real-Time Tracking Software Helps You Cut Costs

One of the main benefits of real-time tracking in logistics is that it helps drivers avoid traffic jams and directs them along free-flowing streets to ensure they follow an optimal route to a location. This clever feature not only helps to ensure the deliveries run on time but also helps reduce fuel costs while keeping the maintenance costs of wear and tear of the vehicle to a minimum. This can lead to substantial savings over time.

2. Real-Time Delivery Software Saves You Time

Planning routes used to take hours of manual planning. However, with a real-time tracking system, you can devise journeys and manage deliveries within minutes, saving you considerable time. The software also helps drivers avoid traffic and congestion, meaning they are far more efficient and spend less time on the streets. This is a great advantage for a local delivery service or in-house delivery team.

3. Use Tracking Software to Plan and Monitor Deliveries to Multiple Locations

Route-planning software has come a long way since the advent of Google Maps. The latest versions now use complex algorithms to suggest the most direct and efficient routes to multiple locations. In addition, the real-time tracking feature lets you see where the driver is and contact them with updates throughout the journey, so you can amend the route if you wish.  

4. Live-Tracking of Deliveries Improves Visibility

Juggling orders and keeping track of deliveries to more than one location is challenging, especially if you run a small concern. Thankfully, with real-time tracking software, you can track an order’s or delivery’s movements through the entire supply chain. This transparency means you can identify possible delays, establish accurate ETAs, and update customers with an SMS or email when an issue arises or the item is delivered.

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5. Improve Customer Experience by Giving Customers Real-Time Delivery Tracking Access

In today’s modern marketplace, it’s essential to ensure customer happiness to keep them recommending your services and coming back. Allowing them access to the real-time tracking system so they can log in and monitor their items keeps them in the loop and lets them see where their item is and how long it might take to get to their location. You can easily do this by letting them know the item’s unique tracking code or barcode reference and granting them customer access via the platform. This gives the customer confidence in your last-mile service and reduces the number of calls you receive asking for updates on the delivery status

6. Generate Accurate Logistics Data with Delivery-Tracking Software

Before real-time tracking in logistics, obtaining accurate delivery data and generating reports analyzing delivery statistics involved lots of paperwork and manual time. But now, the real-time insights this software provides mean accurate metrics are available at a few clicks of a button. Track and monitor delivery times, build order and sales reports, and monitor your business and logistics performance to build competitive business strategies and increase your future profits.

7. Improve Your Inventory Management with GPS Route Optimization

By analyzing the accurate delivery data you can generate from live-tracking software and planning your deliveries in advance, you can ensure the loads of your delivery vehicles run to their full potential. This makes managing and storage of your products and inventory more efficient.

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8. Boost Staff Performance Using Delivery Route Tracking

Are your courier service personnel and delivers performing to their full potential? Find out by monitoring their movements using the real-time delivery tracking system. Analyzing the movements of delivery vehicles through tracking software reveals instances where drivers linger at a single location longer than necessary, deviate from their intended route, and uncover other performance issues. You can then address and rectify any concerns.  

9. Access the Delivery Live-Tracking Features Easily Online

There’s no need to fire up the office PC to access real-time delivery tracking software; you can view it on the go via a smartphone app or laptop. The best route optimization software and real-time tracking systems, like Metrobi’s, are available online and accessed via your customer login and password. You can then easily organize routes and use all the features.

10. The Use of Delivery Tracking and Optimization Helps the Environment

Sustainability is a concern for many businesses today, especially logistics. Vehicles produce greenhouse gases potentially harmful to the environment, so reducing these emissions is essential if possible. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art delivery planning software and adopting a fuel-efficient approach, we’re all about cutting down on road time. The result? Your drivers and your company become eco-champions, leaving a vibrant and environmentally-friendly footprint wherever they go! 

Real-Time Tracking System - The Takeaway

To remain competitive and run your deliveries efficiently, route optimization software with real-time tracking in logistics is simply indispensable for supply businesses of all sizes. Understanding the exact whereabouts of shipments through shipment tracking is crucial for ensuring timely deliveries and high customer satisfaction.

Evidently, the benefits of real-time tracking are a win-win for both you and your valued customers. Leveraging this software not only enhances your bottom line by boosting sales and profits but also grants you a competitive edge that sets you apart from the rest. Understanding the pivotal role of shipment tracking in customer satisfaction can further amplify your market presence, making order tracking an indispensable tool.

Metrobi’s delivery management software includes advanced route optimization, real-time tracking, and a wealth of other features – plus, it is perfect for use by start-ups and smaller concerns.

Get our software and online platform for a low monthly fee.

To discover more about our real-time tracking system and Metrobi, please request a callback.

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