LA Courier Service: 5 Must-Have Tech Features

You may want to live or open a business in Los Angeles for many reasons. 

The city is home to celebrities, the iconic Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame, the Getty Center, movie studios, and many of the country’s best hotels and restaurants. 

Los Angeles also has a thriving wholesale community, with over 100,000 small companies and retailers supplying goods and services to local businesses to ensure the city keeps running and impress the millions of tourists that visit each year. 

The city of angels, has been at the top of many people’s bucket lists for years, but due to this popularity, LA does suffer infrastructure problems, and one of the main issues is traffic.

Navigating LA’s busy streets and getting from point A to point B can be a nightmare, especially if there’s a big event like the Academy Awards or LA Pride in town.

Heavy congestion and road closures bring roads to a standstill, which causes a multitude of problems if you have an urgent delivery or need to get fresh goods or flowers to a customer without them perishing. 

Beating the LA traffic and fulfilling customer orders promptly and efficiently are the main reasons local businesses now call on a professional courier service in LA like Metrobi

The best LA courier service should have the right tools in place to get items to customers quickly. This refers to not only enough drivers and vehicles to get the job done but also access to the latest technology to help drivers avoid congestion and other clever tech to help streamline the entire logistics process. 

Here’s a look at the technology used by the best courier service LA providers.

LA Courier Service: 5 Must-Have Tech Features - la courier service -
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Technology Used by The Best LA Courier Services

Technology is used in most business sectors, but innovative software and state-of-the-art technology are essential to compete in today’s demanding logistics environment. 

Leading LA courier services now use several innovative technologies to provide a superior service. 

These include:

1. Route Optimisation Technology

Regarding supply chain management, time, speed, and reliability are of the essence, especially since the pandemic when speedy door-to-door delivery became the norm. 

If you spend time in Los Angeles, you already know that downtown traffic is chaotic, and the freeways and key arteries like the 101 and 405 are regularly congested, especially during the commuter rush hours. 

Avoiding traffic is vital in logistics, so a good LA courier service needs to equip its vehicles with the most advanced route optimization software to navigate drivers away from delays to deliver goods on time. 

This innovative technology is ever-evolving, so regular updates are also necessary to keep up with new road maps and changes in routes and developments.

LA Courier Service: 5 Must-Have Tech Features - la courier service -
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2. Real-Time Tracking Software and Barcode Technology

The ability to monitor the movement of your package in real-time is a major benefit for you and your customers, as it gives you confidence the goods are on the way and means you can see exactly where they are at any time. 

Modern courier services LA, like Metrobi, now attach barcodes to all packages on receipt of the item. 

The driver then scans this code using a handheld device they carry with them in their vehicles.

Information from the device is then transmitted in real-time and viewed by logging into an online platform and entering the barcode or your account reference. 

The package is then scanned again once it reaches its destination, where the transmission is then terminated, and the item classed as delivered. 

This is a great advantage, especially if you must deliver a time-sensitive package, such as a celebration cake or flowers for an important LA meeting or event. It is also a service that boosts customer satisfaction and often prompts them to leave positive testimonials and reviews online.

3. Delivery Management Software

If you require wholesale or bulk-order delivery services, ensuring the LA courier service stores your goods correctly is vital, especially if you need to deliver multiple items. 

The best local couriers use barcode technology as above and advanced delivery management software to ensure all items are filed and dispatched to drivers correctly, minimizing the risk of loss and damage. 

This is especially important if you need the courier to deliver a range of products to one of the many retailers in Los Angeles or if your dispatch requirements change regularly.

LA Courier Service: 5 Must-Have Tech Features - la courier service -
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4. Handheld Device to Capture Proof of Delivery

To safeguard the delivery of your products, professional express delivery services in Los Angeles now equip their couriers with innovative handheld devices that can take time and date-stamped images of the items when they reach their delivery address. 

These pictures prove the goods arrived safely and in good condition should the delivery of the package ever come into question. 

Furthermore, the best LA courier service will ask drivers to take an electronic signature from the recipient that acts as proof of delivery for your records.

5. Online Delivery Booking System

It takes time to arrange deliveries, so it’s a good idea to ensure your local courier service provides a straightforward way to organize the pick-up and drop-off of your packages. 

Metrobi, for example, has a bespoke online booking system that can be accessed easily from your laptop, phone, or tablet. 

Via our platform, you enter the details of your deliveries, and the closest and most highly rated Metrobi driver is then dispatched to fetch the item and deliver it to its location. 

Our platform also allows you to track your items’ progress in real-time, will notify you when the package reaches its destination, stores proof of delivery, and generates various reports to help you monitor your orders and logistics. 

The Metrobi system is one of the most advanced on the market, and it can save you considerable time and hassle when it comes to deliveries. 

To find out more about Metrobi and our LA courier service, please request a callback.

LA Courier Service: 5 Must-Have Tech Features
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