Why Choose Metrobi? Top LA Courier Services Comparison

Los Angeles is a fast-paced and competitive city with a reputation for leading the way in entertainment, glitz, and glamour. 

Home to Hollywood, the Entertainment Capital of the World, LA is where businesses demand the very best from suppliers, and expectations are high. 

Suppose you are one of the city’s 100,000+ retail or wholesale companies. In that case, simply producing a top-quality product is no longer enough – you now need to deliver it quickly and on time or face customer disappointment. 

Exceeding customer expectations is why many progressive Los Angeles businesses are now forgoing standard LA courier services. 

To remain competitive, offering standard 3 to 5-day delivery or “snail mail” is no longer enough.

Speed is now paramount, and that’s why so many suppliers are now looking for quicker and more reliable courier service LA, like Metrobi, to satisfy their customer’s needs. 

If you are searching for a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver your products and impress your clients, here’s a look at why you should consider outsourcing your logistics to Metrobi.

Why Choose Metrobi? Top La Courier Service Comparison - La Courier Services -
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What Makes Metrobi Stand Out when Outsourcing Your LA Delivery Services

Metrobi is an LA courier service with a difference – we aim to take the hassle out of logistics by using only the very best local drivers, vehicles, and technology to ensure packages arrive at their destinations on time. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of using our services:

1. Speed and Reliability

If you reside or own a business in LA, you already know that traffic is a problem – after all, Los Angeles is the seventh most congested city in the United States. 

Getting a package from A to B can be challenging, especially during the morning and evening commuter rush hours or during the awards season when the streets are either closed or packed.

Traffic is one of the main reasons companies outsource to an LA express courier, as trying to deliver the goods yourself takes considerable time and can see you stuck in congestion for hours. 

Metrobi, on the other hand, runs a large pool of experienced drivers and well-maintained vehicles around LA on a 24/7 basis. 

Our LA couriers have local knowledge and use the latest re-routing technology to ensure they pick up and deliver packages reliably and on time.

Of course, we do offer regular overnight, same-day, and scheduled delivery services. But where we differ is that we also offer wholesale, bulk-order, last-minute, and express urgent delivery services in LA that can cater to customers when time is of the essence. 

This flexibility means you can cater to a wide range of customers and offer them various delivery options, knowing that your items stand the best chance of arriving at the destination on time.

Why Choose Metrobi? Top La Courier Service Comparison - La Courier Services -
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2. Security

Spending the time producing or supplying the best products makes little sense unless you can ensure they arrive with your customers safely. 

Major shipment and delivery services often use large vehicles to deliver multiple goods nationwide. This increases the risk of loss and damage to the items. 

Metrobi takes a different approach, and our drivers use a range of vehicles, including box trucks, minivans, vans, and SUVs, to better accommodate different packages. 

We also offer industry-specific delivery services to cater to common business sectors in LA. 

Our fresh artisan food, beverage, and catering delivery service is perfect if you’re involved in supplying goods to local restaurants or the local LA entertainment industry. 

Likewise, our specialist flowers, seafood, baked goods, and fresh produce courier services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of these suppliers, and our vehicles and drivers are trained to deliver these fragile items, which is ideal if you supply any of LA’s downtown hotels.

Offering a courier service in LA that best suits your products give you and your customers confidence that deliveries will arrive safely. This also really boosts your customer’s experience.

3. Cost Savings

Many assume Los Angeles courier service rates are high, so you may initially try to deliver your goods yourself. 

However, once you weigh up the cost of purchasing vans, maintaining vehicles, hiring drivers, and equipping them with the technology necessary to beat LA’s busy downtown traffic, you soon realize outsourcing to a professional LA courier makes sense. 

Metrobi differs from most local LA delivery services, and rather than offering various prices per item, we run a transparent subscription-based service whereby you pay a rate to access our platform, where you can easily organize the pick-up and drop-off of your goods online. 

Your subscription (Basic or Support) depends on the average volume of deliveries you require, and it can be upgraded at any point to accommodate business fluctuations.

Why Choose Metrobi? Top La Courier Service Comparison - La Courier Services -
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4. Support

When considering the best courier service Los Angeles to use, the support the delivery company provides is essential, and that’s one area where Metrobi excels. 

Once you sign up to our platform, we assign you a dedicated operations manager to set up and oversee all aspects of your account and solve any issues that may arise. 

It’s your account manager’s job to get you up and running on our system, ensure you understand how to navigate our online dashboard and arrange deliveries, show you how you and your customers can track your orders effortlessly using our real-time tracking software, and liaise between you and the drivers. 

Your account manager can help you tailor your logistics by suggesting the correct delivery drivers, selecting the most suitable vehicles, and keeping you updated on any delays or issues with problematic recipients. 

Via the Metrobi online platform, you can control your deliveries, print off daily, weekly, or monthly logistics reports, and quickly share delivery documents when necessary.

In addition, our drivers are also trained to upload time and date-stamped images of the items at the delivery address and request electronic signatures from the recipients for you to use as proof of delivery should your service or the delivery ever come into question. 

This first-class support, transparent pricing, and access to our innovative technology-based courier service are why Metrobi is rapidly becoming one of the best LA courier services.

Please request a callback to learn more about Metrobi and start benefiting from our services today.

Why Choose Metrobi? Top LA Courier Service Comparison

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