Does Your Los Angeles Business Require a Same Day Courier Service?

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, almost everyone orders online and expects a reliable same-day delivery service

To successfully compete in the retail sector or supply businesses with goods, a company must now arrange for the items to be carried quickly and safely to their customers. 

A reliable door-to-door delivery service especially applies in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital, where expectations are high, and only the best service will do. 

But if you run a small business in LA, you may think, why should I pay for a same-day courier service when I can organize the delivery of the products myself? 

If this has crossed your mind, consider these frequently asked questions to establish if you need to outsource to a courier service in Los Angeles.

1. Are my deliveries often late?

Los Angeles is a city like no other. From its iconic Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame to the Academy Awards, TCL Chinese Theatre displays, and Universal Studio tours, it’s a location that attracts tourists, celebrities, and wannabes in their droves. 

But with all this popularity comes traffic congestion, and getting from A to B in The City of Angels often takes far longer than you think. 

Commuters in Los Angeles spend an average of 62 hours of their life stuck in traffic each year, almost double the national average. 

Suppose you’re attempting to deliver goods yourself. In that case, road closures, hold-ups, and commuter rush hours along gridlocked stretches like Interstate 5 between Euclid Avenue to Interstate-605 frequently cause delays, so you’re likely to spend a great deal of time stuck in traffic without using the right traffic-beating technology. 

If an item doesn’t arrive as agreed, for example, food and beverages for a celebrity event or the coffee order for a restaurant’s morning rush, you face the risk of a customer complaining, bad reviews online, and loss of future business. 

Delivering goods on time is vital in logistics; that’s why you must address the issue at the first sign of delays in the shipment of your goods. 

Aside from unforeseen hold-ups like a flat tire or a collision, late arrivals suggest your delivery process isn’t reliable, which will affect your profits, so it’s time to consider passing on your logistics to a professional Los Angeles courier.

Does Your Los Angeles Business Require A Same-Day Courier Service? - Same Day Courier Service -
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2. Am I receiving bad reviews and complaints?

In a city that spends so much of its time in the spotlight, almost everyone in LA uses social media and the internet to communicate, be it a photo of a great night out, news of an up-and-coming movie premiere, or the receipt of a new brand of coffee at their restaurant. 

Customer satisfaction matters, and attracting positive reviews online does wonders for your bottom line. 

No matter how wonderful your products are, if your customer fails to receive them when you promised, they will not be satisfied with your service and could write a bad review online.

 Recurring negative reviews and customer comments about goods turning up late or damaged suggest that the way you deliver items needs to change. At this point, you either need to outsource to a reliable Los Angeles delivery service, spend considerable money setting up a more efficient in-house delivery team, or risk losing business.

3. Do I have the right technology to make the deliveries?

We have already established that the main commuter arteries through Los Angeles are frequently congested. This, coupled with road closures, accidents, and freak bad weather, can and does cause driver delays. 

Businesses must use the latest re-routing software to ensure packages turn up on time. 

As with all technology, once one version is released, a better version hits the market soon after. Keeping up with these advances is costly for a small business. 

Professional same-day courier services specialize in express deliveries, so their vehicles should be equipped with the most advanced route optimization technology to make their business run smoothly. 

The best express courier services in Los Angeles also use technology that allows you to track the movements of your package via GPS, and their drivers also use handheld devices to take photos and capture the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery at the destination. 

These tools can be incredibly beneficial to your business, save you considerable time and expense, and helps to boost your customer’s satisfaction and belief in your product. 

Access to state-of-the-art technology is a major reason for using a specialist Los Angeles courier.

Does Your Los Angeles Business Require A Same-Day Courier Service? - Same Day Courier Service -
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4. Is the cost of running my in-house delivery service too high?

Costs and expenses are a worry for all businesses, so it’s easy to assume a quick way of saving a few dollars would be to deliver your products yourself. 

However, now consider the cost of purchasing delivery vehicles, insuring and payrolling drivers, the time you spend organizing the deliveries, and the price of buying the route optimization technology necessary to run a reliable delivery service in Los Angeles. 

The high price you have to pay to set up an in-house delivery service far outweighs the cost of outsourcing to a professional third-party courier in most cases, especially if you run a small business. 

Furthermore, if you run into a busy period following a promotion or over Thanksgiving, you may not have sufficient vehicles and drivers to cope with demand. 

This will lead to delivery delays, and your business will suffer; therefore, save yourself the time and expense of running a delivery team by outsourcing to a Los Angeles same-day courier service.

Outsource Your Logistics to Metrobi, A Leading Same-Day Delivery Service in Los Angeles

If you are reassessing your current delivery arrangement and considering your options, you may consider using Metrobi. 

At Metrobi, we aim to take the hassle out of logistics and offer an affordable subscription-based Los Angeles delivery service whereby you pay according to your expected volume of deliveries.

You can manage most aspects of your logistics via our innovative online platform or with the help of your dedicated operations manager. 

We offer a range of specialized local courier services to best cater to many industries in LA, including the food and beverage industry, baked goods, coffee producers, and laundry. 

In addition, we have a large pool of drivers and all the right vehicles and technology to cater to bulk orders, express and urgent deliveries, as well as offering a reliable local same-day delivery service. 

If our services sound good and to discover how outsourcing to Metrobi could benefit your business, please request a callback.

Does Your Los Angeles Business Require a Same-Day Courier Service?

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