Easiest way to work with top local drivers: Preferred driver program

preferred driver program

After working with so many businesses from various industries and backgrounds, one common need we’ve observed is having a consistent and smooth delivery experience. One of the key steps to achieve this is working with driver that truly understand how your business operates.

Each company and product is unique, and delivery requirements can vary significantly from business to business. Having to relay those details to a new driver over and over again, whether you frequently need to hire new drivers or you’re using a third party service is not only frustrating and exhausting, but it’s also very time consuming. Most business owners complain that delivery related complexities like these keep them or their key employees’ from concentrating on actions that shape the future of their business.

At Metrobi, we already have an AI-powered algorithm that matches you with the best drivers; but sometimes your business needs just a little bit more customization.

Based on the feedback that our Product Team gathered from our customers, we created a system we call the ‘Preferred Driver Program’. It’s a feature unique to us that ensures your routes are matched with your favorite drivers; drivers who know the ins and outs of your business. Our goal is to ensure your delivery operations are smooth sailing with minimal effort on your part.

What is Preferred Driver Program?

After a route is complete and you’re very satisfied with the service that your driver has provided, and would like to work with them again on future deliveries, you have the option to select them to be your Preferred Driver.

This means that the next time you create a route and request a driver through our dashboard, it will only be shown to your preferred drivers first, so they have a chance to see it and pick it up before everybody else.

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What if my Preferred Driver does not pick up my route?

If your Preferred Driver isn’t picking up your route for whatever reason, we gradually start to make your route visible to other top performing drivers.

We start with drivers you’ve worked with before and given high ratings to, and slowly move on to a wider network until eventually all of the active drivers that fit the location and vehicle criteria see your route.

So the Preferred Driver Program does not prevent you from using other drivers; it just makes it easier for you to work with a few drivers you are familiar and happy with. Our main goal is to build long-term relationships between companies and drivers so both parties can grow their businesses.

How do I choose someone to be my Preferred Driver?

There are several ways to do this. The first is by going to settings on your Metrobi dashboard, and choosing one of your frequent drivers as your preferred. Keep in mind that for a driver to show up on your frequent drivers list, you need to have worked with them before and rated them.

Easiest Way To Work With Top Local Drivers: Preferred Driver Program - Preferred Driver -

But we also made this one step easier. When a delivery is complete and you rate the experience 4 stars and above, we automatically ask a follow up question regarding adding that driver to your Preferred Drivers list. So you can also do this easily right from the delivery rating screen.

Easiest Way To Work With Top Local Drivers: Preferred Driver Program - Preferred Driver -

Alternatively, if your driver liked the route and your business, and would like to work with you again, they can also request to be included among your Preferred Drivers. You will receive an email about this, and you can approve or deny their request from the email.

Can I have multiple Preferred Drivers?

Yes, you can. At this time, there is no limit to how many drivers you can add to your list.

We do suggest that you try out several drivers in the beginning and get a feel for how they operate with your business as well as your customers. Having multiple Preferred Drivers guarantees that if one of them is not available to pick up one of your jobs, the remaining ones will be able to step in to cover the route.

This ensures that you have several people who are up to speed on how to handle your deliveries, especially if your products and route require some training beforehand.

What if I don’t want to work with a driver anymore?

If you don’t want to work with a driver again for whatever reason, there are two things you can do.

If there is no major problem with their work but you just don’t want them to have early access to your routes anymore, you can take them off your Preferred Drivers list any time. This is a fairly easy adjustment, you need to go to your drivers tab from settings again and remove the driver’s name from your list.

If it’s a bigger issue and you don’t want to work with the driver again in any capacity, then you have the option to ban the driver from your business from the window. When you ban a driver, none of your future routes will be visible to them from that point on.

Easiest Way To Work With Top Local Drivers: Preferred Driver Program - Preferred Driver -

Be in control of your delivery experience

Metrobi’s goal is to provide you with the ease and comfort of having in-house drivers without the overhead and complexities of owning a fleet.

Through our easy to navigate drivers dashboard and one-of-a-kind Preferred Driver System, you can customize your delivery experience with just a few clicks to ensure your products are delivered according to your standards.

Improving your last mile starts with drivers; take control of your deliveries today.

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