8 tips to make the most of Mother’s Day

8 tips to make the most of mother's day

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the second biggest gift-giving holiday in the U.S.? Latest report by the National Retail Federation states that 83% of U.S. consumers celebrated Mother’s Day in 2021. While that is a very high percentage, what’s even more impressive is that the average expected spending amount per person is continuously rising every year; it hit an all time high of $228 in 2021.

Just last year, Mother’s Day spendings soared to $28.1 billion. This is a significantly large market, and the gift category data from previous years is much more diverse than just flowers.

All of this means that there’s a lot of money to be made, and the increased buyer traffic can be a great opportunity for businesses to reach new customers and grow their sales.

But how exactly do you get your share in this increasingly competitive market? Read on to find out the best ways to give your business and sales a nice boost on Mother’s Day.

Create a Mother’s Day Section

Creating a special section for the holiday to group all your related products will help your customers find their way around their options and simplify your sales process.

Every decision a customer has to make brings them one step closer to experiencing decision fatigue. If they are too overwhelmed by their options or if the shopping experience is hard to navigate, they will eventually leave without making a purchase.

To reduce friction and make it easier for people to find your items, create a dedicated landing page for the occasion or set up a special section on your physical store. Not only will you see an uptick on your conversions, but last-minute shoppers will also appreciate your brand because of the smooth and fast experience. It can also come in handy when trying to convert regular visitors into Mother’s Day shoppers. 

Create a Gift Guide

Alternatively, you can also create gift guides for your visitors to shave off even more time off their decision-making process. You can write a blog post, create a visual infographic or moodboard, or just create product categories based on price point or the ideal audience.

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Collaborate With Another Business

Different products or services being purchased together is common on Mother’s Day. A bouquet of flowers accompany a gift card for a spa, and clothes or jewelry come with a special outing.

This can be a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow brands.
Join forces with other businesses for a cool project or a unique, curated experience, or offer sets or bundles to feature an item from everyone.

It will also ease your customers’ decision fatigue and help them put together something nice with very little effort.

This can be an amazing opportunity to attract some attention to your business, introduce your brand to a much wider audience and grow your customer base in the long run alongside your sales.

Create Limited Edition Products

What are holidays without themed products? It may feel cliché, but festive items make easy, stress-free gifts and they will not fail to attract attention to your brand and boost sales.

Long time followers of your brand will also be drawn to the new items whether they are planning on celebrating Mother’s Day or not. If your offerings will be limited edition, creating that urgency will be yet another boost to your sales.

You can also put together gift baskets and bundles to make shopping easier, or come up with products that complement each other well so your customers can mix and match. Mother’s Day-themed small, low value add-ons that are suggested at checkout can be nice additions as well.

Widen Your Audience

The gift recipients on Mother’s Day are much more diverse than just mothers. When asked to whom they’re buying a gift for, 65% of the respondents gave an answer other than their mother. This included step-moms, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, friends, and daughters.

Don’t narrow your audience by concentrating your efforts on a limited demographic; offer something for everyone! Diversifying your products to cater to a wider audience and mixing in other messaging in your promotions can put you on the radar of a lot more people and give your sales a nice boost.

Including terms related to these other demographics in your ad copies, product descriptions and your keywords will also help draw in customers who are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for other women in their lives.

Be Mobile Friendly

Ninety-four percent of shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34 are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day, and this is a demographic that largely depends on their mobile devices. Nearly half of Mother’s Day purchases, and over 70% of the purchase decisions are done through smart phones.

Which means everything you do should be compatible with mobile devices! Optimize your website so your landing pages on mobile are as easy to navigate as the browser counterpart, and they look just as appealing.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

And you shouldn’t skip your marketing emails either! The number of marketing emails opened on smartphones jumped from 27% to 61% in just 8 years. Don’t neglect your mobile-friendly email campaigns so your customers are better able to engage with your offers.

Offer Sales and Gift Cards

Sometimes it may not be possible to plan something grand for this holiday; it’s okay! Even just offering sales can boost traffic to your business. Everyone appreciates a good bargain, so it can be a quick way to introduce your brand to new customers during the busy season.

Additionally, Mother’s Day is a time when people shop for others so they may not want to commit to a gift and opt for a gift card. If you don’t already offer them, gift cards could be a great item to include in your product range.

A Mother’s Day themed design and a personalization option can be a nice touch to elevate the experience without taking a lot of time or effort.

Free, Guaranteed Shipping by Mother’s Day

On an occasion like Mother’s Day, time is something that your potential customers will be worrying about. Offering guaranteed shipping before Mother’s Day or even being very clear about cut off dates will give your business a huge advantage. You will not only attract the last-minute shoppers, but even those who plan ahead may choose your brand over others for the peace of mind.

But that’s not all; shipping fees are often the reason for abandoned carts, and 9 out of 10 consumers say free delivery is their main incentive for online shopping. It also encourages 93% of online buyers to purchase more products.

This is where we can step in to help you out; with Metrobi, you can arrange your delivery route and stops and have an assigned delivery driver days ahead, as well as track your deliveries in real time, making the entire process smoother and stress-free for all parties involved.

We can also help keep your costs down, so you can bring more value to your customers without making huge changes in pricing.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Gift packaging and a nice presentation are expected during holiday seasons; but not everyone has the time or skillset to take care of it.

Offering the option to wrap the gifts or add customized notes will go a long way for customer satisfaction. It’s not only giving them a practical reason to choose your brand over others, but it’s also a nice gesture that will make the shopping experience more easy, pleasant and even memorable if your services are particularly unique.

This way, you can create value for your customers in another manner and the positive experience may encourage repeat business outside the holiday season as well.

Closing Thoughts

While special occasions like Mother’s Day can be great opportunities to boost your sales and and find new customers to grow your business, the true marker of growth is a higher volume of consistent orders, all year round.

It may be intimidating to think about expanding your operations and geography, considering all the hefty overhead costs. But successful partnerships on tasks that you can delegate can ease your worries and workload significantly.

When it comes to delivering your residential and wholesale orders in a wider geography or at a higher frequency, Metrobi can help. We provide background checked and carefully interviewed delivery drivers and vehicles of all sizes, as well as an efficient software to make deliveries a breeze.

Our passion is helping you grow without the shackles of operational complexities or unreasonably high distribution costs.

Request a callback to discuss the next steps for your business!

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