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Revamp your delivery process with our efficient and reliable courier service in Newark. We offer live tracking, route optimization, and competitive pricing.

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Route Optimization

Built to maximize your efficiency and reduce costs

24/7 Service

Delivery without interruptions

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Provide an excellent experience for your customers

Transparent Pricing

Total control over delivery budget. Pay per hour or per stop

Live Tracking

Follow your products as they travel in real-time

Proof of Delivery

Multiple proof of delivery options to cover your business’ needs

Vehicles of all sizes

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Build your route in seconds

Our A.I based routing software will optimize it for efficiency.


Reserve your driver

We match you with the most suitable driver for the job.


Live track your items

See your packages get delivered in real-time.


Check your proof of deliveries

Check proof of deliveries as the driver completes the stops.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Newark Business Owners

1. Newark is a key transportation hub with many businesses relying on timely deliveries. How does Metrobi's Newark courier service meet these high demands?

Metrobi's Newark courier service leverages an advanced route optimization system, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries across all key areas, from the bustling Ironbound District to the serene Weequahic Park.

2. With the close proximity to NYC and frequent traffic jams, how does the real-time tracking of Metrobi's Newark courier service help in efficient deliveries?

Our Newark courier service provides real-time tracking through a sophisticated dashboard, ensuring you remain updated about your package's status, even amidst the busy corridors connecting Newark and New York City.

3. How does Metrobi vet its drivers for the Newark courier service to ensure safety and reliability?

Every driver in our Newark courier service undergoes a comprehensive background check and is required to maintain a stellar average rating of 4.97 out of 5, showcasing their dedication and professional excellence.

4. Considering Newark's diverse commercial sectors, how does your courier service adapt to the unique delivery needs of each business type?

Metrobi's courier service in Newark is tailored to serve a variety of sectors, from the tech startups in University Heights to the restaurants in the North Ward, ensuring customized delivery solutions for all.

5. Is the pricing for Metrobi's Newark courier service transparent and budget-friendly for local businesses?

Absolutely. Our Newark courier service operates on a clear subscription model. There's a platform fee for Metrobi, but drivers receive the full delivery payment, ensuring there are no hidden charges or added commissions.

6. Security is crucial for my business. How does Metrobi's Newark courier service ensure the safety of the deliveries?

Metrobi prioritizes your security. Each driver for our Newark courier service is meticulously vetted, and our advanced dashboard provides features like proof of delivery for added peace of mind.

7. With Newark's diverse neighborhoods and varying traffic conditions, how does Metrobi's courier service guarantee timely deliveries throughout the city?

With intelligent route planning and the invaluable expertise of our local drivers, Metrobi's Newark courier service promises timely and accurate deliveries across every corner of the city.

Access to a large pool of local delivery drivers in Newark

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We started Metrobi to take operations off of your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.

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Grow your business with a reliable service!

We started Metrobi to take operations off of your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.