Sustainable delivery matters.

Founded in 2019, Metrobi is an emerging player in the fulfillment and logistics industry. We provide a delivery marketplace platform for businesses to reduce their costs, improve efficiencies, and extend their customer reach.

We empower local businesses with an efficient logistical infrastructure so that they can compete with large corporations. The increase in efficiency additionally decreases the carbon footprint.

Grow Your Business With Sustainable Delivery - Sustainable Delivery -
Sustainable Delivery

Eco-friendly technology

The Metrobi routing technology utilizes historic and active traffic data to reduce route mileage, decrease miles driven, and therefore reduce the carbon footprint by as much as 30%.

Fewer number of vehicles on the road

With regularly recurring routes, time is on our side. Our system ensures that all routes are filled to capacity, and uses route optimization to make sure that drivers do as few runs as possible. Ridesharing applied to logistics.

As a result, the same driver can serve multiple customers per day. Therefore, fewer number of vehicles on the road, less congestion and less pollution related to vehicle manufacturing.

New jobs created

Metrobi has built a network of independent contractors in our local communities. This has allowed Metrobi to provide sustainable recurring income to local business owners.

Recycling matters

Metrobi is a collaborative partner and encourages reusable packaging whenever possible. Our recurring delivery platform allows our partners to effectively use these sustainable methods better than traditional fulfillment providers.

Vehicle recycling program

Up to 8 personally owned fleet vehicles can be removed from the road by utilising the shared delivery platform Metrobi.

Why leading brands love us

Save money

Metrobi costs 25% less than doing deliveries on your own.

No commitment

You can deliver 5 days this week, and 5 hours next week or not at all.

Peace of mind

Metrobi covers any risks through $2M cargo and premises insurance.

Proof of delivery

Delivery notification sent to the recipient 10 minutes before arrival. You and them receive delivery pictures after completion.

Vans and reefer vans

Any vehicle type your business needs. No delivery too large, no distance too long.

Live tracking

Track the driver and deliveries on the map. Know where your products are at any time.

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We started Metrobi to take operations off your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.