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What is delivery scheduling software?

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If you want to make your deliveries more efficient, delivery scheduling software offers an intelligent solution.

Route optimization technology and delivery management software help to take the hassle out of managing logistics by automating many time-consuming processes. Considering implementing delivery management systems? Discover key features such as efficient route planning, enhanced dispatch capabilities, and real-time location tracking to enhance your logistics operations.

The software boasts many valuable features, including route optimization to plot the most efficient route to a location in seconds, live tracking to let you see where the package is in real-time and help drivers avoid congestion, and a proof of delivery feature to capture a signature from the recipient, so you know the item has arrived safely.

Delivery management software is now revolutionizing last-mile deliveries and is a game changer for retailers and supply businesses of all sizes, including smaller companies and start-up enterprises.


Let’s find out.

Here’s a look at delivery scheduling software, how it can benefit your business, and the features you should look for if you are considering investing in the technology.

What is Delivery Scheduling Software?

Delivery scheduling software is a technology that has been specifically designed to help streamline delivery management and make route planning more straightforward.

Last-mile scheduling software offers many advantages and can help your company become more profitable, free up time previously spent manually planning dispatches, ensure your drivers get to destinations on time, and help you save money by achieving a far lower cost per delivery.

Numerous route management solutions are available in the market, each with its own unique pricing and feature set. The best versions offer a wealth of helpful time and cost-saving elements that benefit you, your driver, and the customer. Considering exploring route management systems? Discover the essential features such as route optimization, efficient dispatching, and real-time GPS tracking by reading further.

Delivery scheduling software is now available for small businesses, large in-house teams, or an established local delivery service or courier service company.

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What to Look for in Delivery Scheduling Software

If you are interested in investing in delivery management software, key features to look out for in the software include the following:

Route Optimization

Route optimization software uses complex algorithms to quickly assess and suggest the most direct routes to given locations, leading to considerable savings in time and operational costs.

Traffic causes problems and delays in most towns and cities in the United States, so this easy-to-use addition is a great advantage that can be accessed easily via an online platform or mobile app and works by entering the zip codes of the pick-up and drop-off locations.

The software then quickly analyzes the most efficient route between the points and suggests the optimal journey a driver should take.

Route planning saves you the time spent manually plotting routes, minimizes vehicle wear and tear, and reduces fuel costs.

Live Tracking and Re-Routing via GPS

Some of the best delivery scheduling software, like Metrobi’s, include a real-time tracking feature to help drivers avoid hold-ups and congestion and let you view the whereabouts of a package in real time.

Live tracking uses Global Positioning Software (GPS) to monitor the movement of the vehicle and items in real time.

This GPS addition can reroute drivers should they take a wrong turn and helps them avoid traffic jams and congestion, ensuring they stand the best chance of reaching their destinations on time.

In addition, each package is assigned a unique barcode that is scanned by the driver on pick-up. By entering the code into your customer account online, the driver’s whereabouts can be seen, allowing you to troubleshoot delays and increase the customer’s overall delivery experience.

Proof of Delivery

To ease delivery disputes and force majeure complaints, delivery scheduling software also allows the courier to email images of the goods at their end location and the recipient’s digital time and dated signature moments after the package arrives.

Once the driver reaches the location, they take a photograph of the item to show it is in good order and a signature from the customer on their handheld device or smartphone and attach them to the client file to deem the delivery complete. Upon successful delivery, you’ll receive a notification accompanied by proof of receipt. This documentation can be retained and referenced if there’s ever a dispute regarding the delivery status. Ensure your deliveries are always verified – understanding the importance of delivery verification can help safeguard your transactions and build trust between parties.

Multi-Stop Route Planning Capability

Basic route optimization software plots routes from one place to another, but the best delivery scheduling software calculates the best route to multiple locations.

The ability to quickly generate complex routes is an excellent benefit if you need to run along different routes or take items to different locations regularly, and it’s perfect for use by an express courier service or established in-house fleet.

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Delivery Scheduling Software Needs for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Despite what you may assume, logistics technology is not just aimed at large express delivery services. In fact, there is a range of delivery scheduling software tailored specifically for small businesses.

Metrobi’s route planning software can help businesses of any size optimize and deal with the daily challenges of deliveries and help free up time and money to spend elsewhere.

Our innovative software not only simplifies basic logistics processes and turns the route planning time from hours into minutes but is also designed to be extremely user-friendly.

The Metrobi delivery management software can be accessed on the go by simply entering your account details into our online platform or smartphone app.

Using the screen, you can effortlessly add the details of your pick-ups and deliveries, generate complex routes for drivers, enter the unique barcode references of items to see where they are, and communicate and amend delivery details.

These benefits help small businesses deliver items within their delivery timeframes and lower the costs of fuel and vehicle repairs. Furthermore, allowing customers to easily track their items online enhances their experience with your service. This positive impression increases the likelihood of them recommending your service to others and becoming repeat customers for products and deliveries.

If you would like to know more about Metrobi, our route scheduling software, or our wide range of delivery services, please get in touch and request a callback.

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