Additional resources that may help you during the COVID19 pandemic

In this article, you’ll find information on financial aid for businesses and employees, gain access to resources promoting your gift cards, and learn more about how Metrobi is helping. 

How Metrobi is Helping (with efficiency)

We are operating 24/7 to keep the supply chain lines open and deliver the essential services to the people that need them. A few examples of how we are helping

  • One of our partners created delivery routes for Tuesdays and Thursdays and is messaging that to all their customers. Grouping orders makes them more efficient and decreases delivery cost per order.
  • Another partner serves a big geography and has split up their area into 5 sections. They proactively message to customers that they are delivering to their area on a certain day of the week.

If you are in need of any support, please email us at

Gift cards

Local communities are helping local businesses by pre-purchasing gift cards and dining bonds. Submit your business below.

Financial help for your business

  • The SBA is providing low-interest working capital loans of up to $2 million to small businesses affected by the Coronavirus. Apply here
  • The federal tax return filing deadline is now July 15, 2020

For your employees

Several organizations are providing resources and financial assistance to restaurant workers impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.

  • One Fair Wage emergency fund. Apply here
  • Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. Apply here
  • Local initiative for Boston[currently waitlist]. Apply here
  • Unemployment Benefits Websites by state here


Volunteering During the COVID19 Pandemic

Volunteers at The Greater Boston Food Bank play a critical role in helping to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts, and their role is even more critical now given the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more


6 months of free website support

Do you need a website so that people can find your business? Here is 6 months of free website support. 

Earlier: Information on business continuity planning basics and financial resources that can help your business. 

If there is anything else you need, let us know. We are a stronger community when we work together. Please feel free to reach us with any questions or needs at

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