Meet a food influencer: Jess – Hangry Bostonian

After nearly a year of following local food bloggers and drooling over their posts, Jess (@hangrybostonian) finally decided to create her own account to show off her foodie adventures.

In a short while, she created an engaged community thanks to her humorous and fun posts, and good-looking photos. Jess’ content spans from local to international restaurants and there is no shortage of pizza and donut posts.

To get to know her better, we spoke with Jess about her passion for food. We got a simple avocado toast recipe as a bonus!

Can you tell us about your favorite childhood food?

My favorite dish has always been mac & cheese, and was as a kid. So many restaurants now offer a fancy version of mac & cheese, so I don’t have to feel guilty about ordering it. It’s also a great dish to experiment with at home. I love adding some hot sauce into my Annie’s white cheddar to give it a kick.

What did food mean to you before the lockdown?

For me, food has always been a symbol of culture and unity.

How did your food choices change during the lockdown?

I’m cooking a lot more and experimenting with fun recipes like “pancake cereal”. I’m also eating more pizza than ever before! I have been extra conscious of the restaurants I order take-out or delivery from as I want to be sure I support local restaurants.

What do you miss the most? What did you discover new?

I miss getting together with friends and sharing food and drinks at restaurants. So many of my social interactions revolved around food and drink, and it’s been hard to recreate at home, even with video calls. Sharing recipes has become a fun way to still bond and connect through food while apart.

Do you have a food hack or a 2 mins recipe you can share?

Nearly every morning I have been making a simple avocado toast. I have currently been using Ezekial bread as it is filled with whole grains. While the bread is toasting, I take half an avocado and mash it up with salt to taste. I then spread the mashed avocado on the toast and sprinkle Everything But the Bagel seeds and crushed red pepper. If I’m feeling fancy and have more time, I will cook up an egg sunny side up or over easy to top it off with for some extra protein.

Don’t forget to follow @hangrybostonian on Instagram! 

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