Valentine’s Day 2022 Review


Valentine’s Day came and passed, and it ended up being the most hectic but rewarding one in our history so far!

We were booked 3X more than usual, and our hard working drivers and small but mighty operations team of 5 worked hard together to ensure each and every single package safely arrived at their destination right on time.

Here are some fun stats:

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

We climbed mountains and crossed oceans for love…well, not really, but technically we could travel the US coast to coast and more with the 3581 miles we covered.

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

In one day, 100+ highly skilled drivers were on the road for us to make sure every gift is delivered in tip-top condition.

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

To ensure no wires were crossed, our ops team had 595 phone conversations and sent 799 text messages throughout the day.

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

It was a whooping 17.5 hour operation! The first package was delivered at 04:58 in the morning, and our last driver Hector could finally go home at 10:12 PM.

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

We’ve seen precisely 1639 doorsteps…and then we left a little something on each one to brighten them up a bit.

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

We were operating in 10 different states at the same time!

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

Who knew there were so many creative ways to show your love; we delivered products for 7 different industries!

Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -

A big thank you to everyone who chose us and helped our team achieve this; we really felt loved.

Did You Know?
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Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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Valentine'S Day 2022 Review - Delivery -
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