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Highly Rated Delivery Drivers
Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown delivery driver with Box Truck
Fernando Reyes Columbus delivery driver with SUV
Terrence Washington Denver delivery driver with SUV
4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)
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Access to software to manage your in-house team.

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Seamlessly optimize your routes in seconds.


Track your drivers in real-time.

Build your Preferred Drivers list and enjoy working with reliable drivers.

Request proof of delivery photos, invoices, and signatures.

Easily create routes for your Shopify orders on your Shopify admin dashboard.

Keep your customers in the loop with customizable text messages.


Out for delivery

"Your package from the Fresh Food Company is out for delivery. Estimated arrival time 9:45 AM"


Next delivery

Your package from the Bagel Company is next in line. Click here to track the driver.


Delivery Confirmation

"Your package from the Laundry Company has been delivered at 9:45AM. Click here for delivery photos."

Let your customers track drivers in real-time.

Share proof of delivery with your customers.

Always work with the drivers that know your business.

You shortlist the drivers you like. Our system prioritizes them for your jobs. Enjoy reliable delivery with the same consistent drivers.

Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown delivery driver with Box Truck
Fernando Reyes Columbus delivery driver with SUV
Terrence Washington Denver delivery driver with SUV

Average Driver Rating

4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)

Our track record:
Reliability of a nationwide courier service, quality of a local partner.

Available in major metro areas. Coming soon to many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Burlington Business Owners

1. Does Metrobi operate in Burlington?

Metrobi's services are not yet available in Burlington, but they will be soon. To receive updates on Metrobi's launch in Burlington, you can sign up for our waitlist. We will notify you promptly when we commence operations in your area. While you await our arrival, you can access our complimentary Metrobi software to facilitate your team's operations and enhance the efficiency of your delivery routes. Furthermore, we provide a cost-free Shopify App that enables you to manage deliveries placed through the Shopify platform.

2. How will Metrobi provide the best courier service in Burlington for small businesses?

Small businesses rely heavily on courier services for successful operations, and the drivers of these services represent the businesses themselves. Metrobi empowers businesses with access to the most reliable couriers in Burlington, ensuring exceptional delivery experiences. Many competitors struggle with limited transparency, outdated technology, and unreliable drivers. Metrobi addresses these concerns by implementing a rating and review system where small businesses in Burlington evaluate courier drivers. Only the top-rated drivers secure courier assignments, empowering businesses to select the best service providers. Metrobi's advanced technology provides unrivaled visibility throughout the delivery process. Businesses and customers can effortlessly track their shipments in real-time on an interactive map. Moreover, Metrobi proactively sends updates via text and email, including estimated time of arrival (ETA) and any relevant delivery notifications. This transparency ensures accountability and peace of mind for all parties involved.

3. How fast will I be able to find a courier for a delivery in Burlington?

The Metrobi platform seamlessly connects businesses with Burlington courier drivers through instant text messages and push notifications. Drivers have immediate access to delivery details and can apply with ease. In contrast, many traditional courier companies employ cumbersome manual processes that delay order fulfillment. Time-strapped business owners can't afford to wait for these antiquated procedures. Metrobi streamlines the process, allowing drivers to apply for jobs within seconds. Our sophisticated algorithm assesses driver ratings and experience to select the most suitable candidate. Throughout the delivery process, both businesses and customers receive real-time updates, ensuring transparency and efficient communication.

4. How will I be able to find a same-day courier service in Burlington?

Finding a same-day courier in Burlington is a breeze with Metrobi's online platform. Simply log in and create a delivery request by specifying the pickup location and vehicle type. Metrobi's system allows you to add multiple stops to your route, ensuring your items are picked up and delivered in the most efficient manner. The platform will automatically assign the most suitable courier to handle your request. Sit back and relax as Metrobi's technology seamlessly connects you with a reliable and experienced courier in Burlington. Enjoy the convenience of same-day courier service, knowing that your items are in safe hands and will be delivered promptly and securely.

5. What type of packages will I be able to deliver with Burlington couriers?

Metrobi's commitment to delivering exceptional courier services extends to Burlington, where they carefully select the most qualified drivers. These skilled professionals can handle various delivery needs, from small envelopes to bulky packages requiring box trucks. By specifying your vehicle type and delivery requirements, Metrobi's advanced technology matches your request with the ideal courier drivers. These drivers are invited to accept the delivery based on their availability and expertise. All Metrobi couriers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience serving local businesses. They are subject to ongoing reviews and ratings from other Burlington businesses, guaranteeing a consistent level of quality service every time.

6. How much will it cost to courier something in Burlington?

At Metrobi, transparency is paramount. Unlike other courier companies that provide complex rate sheets, we empower you to set your own price. Simply describe your courier job and indicate the amount you are willing to pay. Our expert support team is available to guide you on competitive rates. Burlington courier drivers will receive your request and apply to the job based on your proposed payment. The most qualified driver will be selected and handle your delivery. Metrobi's unique approach eliminates the hassle of deciphering rate sheets and provides full visibility into courier costs, ensuring that you pay exactly what you want for reliable and efficient delivery services in Burlington.

7. How will I be able to find the cheapest courier service in Burlington?

Metrobi seamlessly streamlines the process of finding the most cost-effective courier service in Burlington. By automating the onerous tasks involved, we match you with couriers whose rates align with your budget and delivery specifications. You retain control over pricing by setting your desired payment for each delivery. Couriers in Burlington will eagerly review the job details and your proposed compensation. This competitive environment encourages them to bid to fulfill your orders. Regular usage fosters a trusted network of preferred couriers who are well-versed in your delivery requirements. As couriers refine their efficiency, delivery times shrink, leading to cost reductions for subsequent deliveries.

8. Why should I use a courier service in Burlington?

Burlington's courier services offer a cost-effective and adaptable solution for transporting parcels, documents, and other items. The pay-as-you-go model ensures you only incur expenses when necessary. Outsourcing delivery to a reputable courier service enables businesses to expand their reach and facilitate growth. Scaling up or down an in-house delivery team can be demanding. A courier service eliminates the need for businesses to hire and manage drivers, a complex task requiring administrative and managerial expertise. Professional courier services provide advanced technology to streamline delivery operations. These tools include shipment tracking, route optimization, and customer notifications. Acquiring and implementing such software independently can be a burdensome process. By partnering with a reputable Burlington courier service, businesses can save on costs and optimize their delivery processes. The combination of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and technological support makes courier services an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their delivery operations.

9. What industries and deliveries will Metrobi’s Burlington couriers be familiar with?

Burlington's experienced couriers serve diverse businesses, including artisan food, bakery, beverage, catering, coffee, farm & fresh food, florists, food producers, meal prep, seafood, and wholesalers. Their services extend from same-day deliveries to bulk order deliveries, express urgent deliveries, on-demand deliveries, and overnight deliveries. By utilizing Metrobi, clients establish a network of preferred couriers tailored to their specific delivery requirements. These couriers become reliable partners, familiar with clients' businesses and committed to delivering exceptional customer service. They handle deliveries with efficiency and treat customers with utmost respect, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory delivery experience.

10. Will I be able to deliver large items and freight in Burlington?

Couriers operating on the Metrobi platform in Burlington will possess a diverse fleet of vehicles, including SUVs and Box Trucks. Similar to other Metrobi markets, these couriers will have the capacity to transport large items and substantial freight. To inquire further, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Metrobi team for additional information.

11. How will Metrobi ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of the Burlington courier service drivers?

Metrobi processes numerous delivery driver applications monthly in operating markets; however, only a select few are approved. This rigorous screening process will be replicated in Burlington to guarantee seasoned couriers who fulfill our criteria. To secure experienced and reliable drivers, Metrobi seeks applicants with prior delivery experience in Burlington. These individuals possess an inherent understanding of punctuality and extensive knowledge of local roads. We meticulously collect essential documentation, such as insurance, identification, and driving records, to verify that each Burlington courier driver meets all requirements. Prior to activation, all courier drivers undergo thorough interviews conducted by the Metrobi support team. These interviews assess their comprehension of expectations, professional demeanor, and relevant experience to ensure they are well-equipped to serve our clients effectively.

12. What's the average rating of delivery drivers?

Our delivery drivers consistently receive high ratings, with an average of 4.97 out of 5. To maintain this quality in Burlington, we implement a robust feedback mechanism. After each delivery, local businesses evaluate and rate drivers. This feedback ensures that couriers adhere to our high standards. Our technology collects and analyzes these reviews to determine which drivers are eligible for jobs. Drivers recognize the importance of providing exceptional experiences to both businesses and customers. Beyond ratings, Metrobi also assesses reliability and on-time performance. These metrics contribute to job assignments. This multifaceted approach ensures that our drivers consistently deliver exceptional service, earning the trust of businesses and customers alike.

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