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Best Commissary Kitchens in Boston Series: NotStarve

Best Commissary Kitchens in Boston Series: NotStarve

After you decide to start a new food business, one of the first things that you need to take into account is the cooking process. You may want to consider using a shared kitchen. Handling cooking using commissary kitchens has become very popular among food startups. Some of our customers use commissary kitchens, as well. Discover how to navigate the process of securing a commissary kitchen, an essential step for culinary entrepreneurs on the path to achievement.

So we made a research on commissary kitchens in Boston and wanted to start series of best commissary kitchens in Boston. First one is a popular commissary kitchens among our users, too: NotStarve

NotStarve: About the company

Notstarve Logo

NotStarve is a commercial commissary kitchen in Boston, but this is not the only thing they do. They are a food business incubator and also a startup company accelerator. Moreover, this kitchen commissary is a hub where culinary entrepreneurs can find not just kitchen space but also valuable resources to grow their businesses.

NotStarve is a commercial commissary kitchen but this is not the only thing they do. They are a food business incubator and also a startup company accelerator. NotStarve owns 4,800 square footage separate in two function area: a commercial kitchen space, and a co-working office space to provide multi-functional rental service for all kind of food business. NotStarve food-related-focused Startup Incubator has served many companies to grow their businesses for several years. They offer mentorship for their customers from different strategic industry experts and exclusive networking events. Furthermore, this kitchen commissary offers an integrative platform for culinary innovation, enabling businesses to scale operations while minimizing overhead costs.

3 Types of Plans

Start Kit Plan

It is always a struggle when you plan to start your new food business. Business plans, paperwork, registration, location, license application, product design… That is why NotStarve designs this service plan just for your needs. NotStarve experts offer help you to go through all the process to ensure you do not have troubles after your business start. In addition, you even have the chance to get free 5-hour kitchen usage in the first four-month. Choosing between managing your own food preparation space and utilizing Shared Kitchen Facilities is another decision NotStarve can assist with.

Catering Plan

The business is all about the decision and opportunities. If you are looking for a better place to speed up your food business, NotStarve may be the best option for you. In NotStarve’s high efficient shared kitchen, you can maximize your productivity. Having discovered NotStarve’s efficient shared kitchen for your business, what’s the next step in planning your delivery strategy?


The best way to keep a good relationship with your long-term customers is what make your business sustainable. Only thing you should do is to tell your schedule to NotStarve and NotStarve will customize your lease with the desired time schedule for you. Therefore, when selecting a commissary kitchen, it’s vital to consider how customizable the lease options are to ensure they align with your business needs.

If you want to learn more about NotStarve, you can simply click here to visit their website.

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