Why Metrobi Outperforms Courier Companies in Boston

Recent years have seen retail and consumer buying habits and preferences change. 

Since the pandemic, far more people have purchased goods online, and due to the service standards set by some of the retail giants, retailers are expected to deliver goods quickly to the doorstep. 

Suppose you run one of Boston’s 50,000+ small stores or e-commerce businesses. In that case, you may assume that keeping up with the likes of Amazon is out of reach and that organizing a same-day delivery service or outsourcing to a professional courier service Boston will put too much pressure on you financially. 

But think again, as there are now innovative Boston express delivery services like Metrobi that have upped their services and now offer an efficient and affordable way to provide a swift and reliable local courier service.

See below a few reasons why so many businesses in Boston are now using Metrobi to handle their Boston express deliveries.


Metrobi differs from many local couriers, as we provide an innovative, affordable subscription-based Boston courier service that gives you access to a large pool of professional drivers that can safely and reliably deliver your goods to customers. 

To compete in today’s fast-paced retail sector, offering an express delivery service is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

Those that order online expect to receive their goods quickly, and failing to do so does affect sales. 

You may initially think it more cost-effective to organize the deliveries yourself. 

But consider the cost of buying and maintaining the vehicles, payrolling the drivers and support staff, and purchasing the right route optimization technology to ensure your vans don’t get stuck in traffic and can deliver the goods on time. 

Do you have the funds to buy enough vehicles to handle an influx of orders during Thanksgiving and The Holidays? And can you afford to have the drivers and vehicles parked up when business is quiet? 

Although outsourcing to a Boston courier like Metrobi may seem expensive initially, when considering the costs involved in running an in-house delivery service, you realize outsourcing to a professional courier makes sense and can be far more productive. 

Furthermore, most customers expect to pay a little extra for same-day delivery, and your sales should increase if you satisfy your customers, so you can usually recoup the cost of a delivery service over time. 

Metrobi provides a reliable 24/7 Boston express courier service with a transparent pricing structure and no hidden extras. 

Our affordability is one of the main reasons we now deliver goods for businesses throughout Boston.

Why Metrobi Outperforms Courier Companies In Boston - Courier Companies In Boston -
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Speed and Technology

Customers who order your product invariably want it delivered in a specific time frame or as quickly as possible. 

Time is of the essence in logistics, but getting from A to B in Boston is often more complex than it seems. 

Boston is a busy city. In fact, Boston is so busy that it was classed as the second most congested city in America in a recent US World and News report. 

Weekday commuter traffic along the I-93 highway, the city’s crowded downtown streets, Storrow Drive, the Massachusetts Turnpike, and the Central Artery all pose problems for drivers and couriers due to congestion. 

Without the help of the latest GPS and re-routing technology, a driver risks being stuck in traffic for hours. 

This is why Metrobi fits all our vehicles with advanced GPS and route optimization technology to give our couriers the best chance of navigating traffic and delivering goods on time. 

Via our easy-to-use online platform, our state-of-the-art technology also allows you to track the movements of your delivery in real-time, so you can see exactly where your items are should a customer ever ask for an update. 

Our drivers also carry tablets that can take photos and capture your customer’s signatures to provide proof of delivery for your records. 

This technology greatly benefits you and adds to your customer’s experience. 

Our use of technology gives you peace of mind that your package is being carried safely to its destination as scheduled.

Why Metrobi Outperforms Courier Companies In Boston - Courier Companies In Boston -
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Metrobi believes that customers come first. 

We understand the reason you may be considering outsourcing your deliveries to a professional courier service in Boston is to offer customers a fast and reliable service and free you up to focus on other aspects of your business. 

When you use Metrobi, you can be sure that we have all the drivers, vehicles, and technology available to ensure your package will be delivered safely and within the given timeframe. If in doubt, you can track the delivery to see precisely where it is via our online platform. 

Metrobi drivers are all experienced, friendly, polite, and have a wealth of local knowledge, so they present well in front of your customers. 

Our range of SUVs, minivans, and delivery trucks are all fully insured and regularly maintained to limit the chance of breakdowns and delays. 

This means you can rely on Metrobi to deliver your packages, no matter where you are based in Boston.

Why Metrobi Outperforms Courier Companies In Boston - Courier Companies In Boston -
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Dedicated Operations Manager

It takes time to coordinate deliveries yourself. This time may be better spent being productive and producing your product or focusing on sales rather than dealing with the stress and intricacies of managing deliveries. 

This is why Metrobi allocates a dedicated operations manager to all clients that work with us. 

Your Metrobi account manager’s role is to support you throughout the entire delivery process and help make your job easier. 

Although you can arrange and manage most aspects of delivery easily from our online platform, your dedicated manager can deal with any delivery-related concerns, warn you if there’s a delay so you can inform your customers, and assist with any issues, e.g., demanding customers, front-line complaints, damaged goods, or recipients not being present to receive their goods. 

Your dedicated account manager can also select drivers to suit your company, help you if you need to upgrade or downsize your subscription and generate reports that give you a clear overview of your delivery procedures. 

If you want to know more about Metrobi and our courier service Boston, please request a callback.

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