Dorchester Brewing Company delivers with Metrobi.

Dorchester Brewing Company - Dorchester Brewing Company Delivers With Metrobi -
Dorchester Brewing Company Delivers With Metrobi

“How Dorchester Brewing Company partnered with Metrobi to start wholesale and consumer deliveries.”


Without Metrobi, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many customers so easily and provide a flexible delivery option. We are also now selling to wholesale accounts. We did not have access to that earlier because we had no delivery system. In one day, we sold dozens of cases to venues. They will be coupled with the other consumer deliveries keeping overall delivery costs down. This is a great model for us.

About Dorchester Brewing Company

DBco was created by a team of Boston professionals in 2016 with an unnatural love of craft beer, to meet production demands for the local craft beer industry while supporting the economic development of Dorchester. DBco’s 30K sq. foot brewery with a 10K sq. foot taproom is filled with in-house beers as well as wine, cider and partner beers on tap.

Dorchester Brewing Company - Dorchester Brewing Company Delivers With Metrobi -
Dorchester Brewing Company - Dorchester Brewing Company Delivers With Metrobi -

To get through this tough time, and to ensure the health and safety of everyone, we enabled online beer orderingAll tips go to the bartenders and all to-go beer sales goes towards paying DBco employees.

Delivery was really stressful

Initially, we did the deliveries ourselves, one employee was doing it. It was really stressful. We’d put certain deliveries in the vehicle, deliver them, then come back and pick up more packages. Delivery route planning was also challenging, we even tried using some software but it was not accurate.


​“Having Metrobi is great”

Everything is organized

Everything was ready and we had all we needed. 6 reasons to try Metrobi

The setup is perfect

Route planner works very well, driver takes delivery pictures, and customers receive delivery notifications.

Great drivers

The driver was great in following our directions and we had no problems. 3 reasons to try Metrobi before hiring a driver

How Dorchester Brewing Company delivers with Metrobi

Dorchester Brewing Company schedules a driver for Thursdays and Saturdays


They add or remove delivery destinations and instructions until the driver arrives for the pick up


The route is optimized for the best price, and they only pay as much as they use


The driver navigates using the Metrobi App and delivers according to the instructions


The customer is notified about the incoming delivery and receives delivery picture


Dorchester Brewing Company receives delivery updates and proof of delivery images


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