Anna's Taqueria delivers with Metrobi

With Metrobi, Anna’s Taqueria get to deliver Boston’s Most Beloved Burrito with the care it deserves

Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -
Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -


Even when they had two other delivery partners, their delivery needs weren’t met: These partners weren’t able to be reliable and prompt.


Now Anna’s Taqueria’s team enjoys the comfort and convenience of relying on Metrobi drivers to deliver Boston’s best burritos with care, consistency, and a positive attitude. Customer experience comes first in every interaction.

Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -

“I think the biggest thing that Metrobi has done is providing us some comfort in understanding and knowing that driver is going to be there and they're going to pick it up, they're going to be prompt, they're going to be pleasant, they're going to bring it to our customer. We, I think, have been doing business with you guys for maybe almost six months, probably by now, I think would be my guess. And there's been bumps in the road like any other company. But I think when you look at the landscape of the whole body of work, it's better than other providers. And that's obviously what we want and need.”

About Anna’s Taqueria

Anna’s Taqueria has been delivering delicious, warm bundles of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and heaping Mexican bowls and salads for over 25 years throughout Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods. All of their Mexican food is made fresh daily – even their salsa is homemade –  and customized to your taste by our expert Burrito Rollers and kitchen team.
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Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -
Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -

How everything started

Q: How did your business begin?

Robert: “It started in 1995 in Brookline. Originally, the owners were from San Francisco that came here. The Boston market didn’t have some good Mexican. So they opened, and we’re lucky. We’re 28 years in and we’re growing. We’ve grown from one to seven restaurants. Now we’re looking to expand even more. We’re blessed to have a cult following. People love our food, and we love our customers.”

Q:What do you think made Anna’s successful as a business?
“Honestly, we focus on fresh food. We’re a scratch kitchen for a very reasonably priced meal. So for $8, you’re getting a home-cooked meal. And that’s what made us successful.”

Q: When was your proudest moment?
Robert: “Yeah, I’ve been there eight years. For me, I would say the proudest moments are the ones that we’re going to see coming. In 2021 our founders passed away, the Pandemic hit, and were able to survive all that and come out where we are now. And really, I guess our proudest moments are in front of us. That is, I guess, my best way of saying it. I think I’ll be prouder next year than I am today because we’ll have another store or two more stores, and I think that is where we’re heading. So I guess we haven’t hit our proudest moment yet. It’s tomorrow. It’s something we’re always striving for and it’s in front of us and we’re going to get there. And I think once we get there’ll be more in front of it.”

Anna'S Taqueria - Luno Culinary -
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Anna's Taqueria's favorite things about Metrobi

Metrobi is reliable

“Previously we had two other delivery partners and one of them we still have today, and then the other one we do not. They weren't able to be reliable and prompt and it just wasn’t working. ”

#MetrobiDelivers a pleasant experience to their customers

“I think the biggest thing that it's done, it's providing us some comfort in understanding and knowing that driver is going to be there and they're going to pick it up, they're going to be prompt, they're going to be pleasant, they're going to bring it to our customer.”

How Metrobi works

Discover how we can reflect the quality of your products and services on your next deliveries in a short call with one of our teammates.

Since we started using Metrobi we have had nothing but great things to say. Your timeliness in delivering our orders, the interaction of your drivers with our customers has been great, the support you give us is beyond fantastic. I think the favorite thing for me is the unexpected phone calls "just to check in." Also, the phone calls when you don't have a driver and all the lead time you try to provide us with so we can make other arrangements. So far, you have all been great. Thank you to everyone.

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