4 Key Advantages of a Dedicated Operations Manager in Boston

To compete in Boston’s high-demand and competitive retail marketplace, you need to offer a reliable express delivery service. 

Recent years have seen consumer expectations shift, and far more people now place orders online and expect the rapid delivery of goods to their doorstep. 

But how is meeting these customer expectations possible if you don’t have the funds to buy a fleet of vehicles or the money to employ drivers and operations staff to oversee the smooth delivery of your orders? 

Will outsourcing logistics to a professional Boston express courier service cost too much money and put your business under unnecessary financial pressure? 

Not necessarily. 

Working with a reliable local express delivery company can be cost-effective and help to increase your profits, providing your orders are placed and managed correctly. 

Outsourcing your deliveries to a courier service frees up your time so you can focus on sales and production while knowing that your customers receive their products as expected. 

If you manage deliveries yourself, keeping up with workflow and optimizing your operations takes time, money, and effort. 

If you don’t have sufficient staff to oversee and track the deliveries, they can get overlooked, or you could disappoint customers by not supplying the goods to their destination on time. 

A professional Boston courier service like Metrobi relieves this pressure by having the correct drivers and vehicles to do the job and providing you with a dedicated operations manager to help alleviate and solve any problems or issues that may arise. 

Find four ways a dedicated operations manager can add value to your company and customers below.

1. Ops Managers Ensure Professional Couriers Are Available 24/7

Most customers assume the drivers they meet on delivery are from your company. For this reason, it’s essential that couriers are polite, well-presented, friendly, and professional. 

Boston is America’s second busiest city with a thriving e-commerce market, so there is a constant demand for retail companies to up their game and offer same-day deliveries. 

If you’re trying to run your deliveries yourself, recruiting professional and knowledgeable local drivers and ensuring they have the vehicles and technology to navigate Boston’s busy streets is costly and challenging. 

In contrast, a specialist Boston delivery service is experienced in taking on drivers and managing every aspect of logistics. 

Suppose you choose to use a professional logistics service. In that case, it is your dedicated project manager’s role to arrange a suitable courier for you and make sure the entire delivery process runs smoothly, from when your requirement comes in right through to supplying photos of your product being delivered and sending you your customer’s digital signature as proof of receipt for your records.

Four Key Advantages of a Dedicated Operations Manager in Boston - dedicated operations manager in boston -
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2. An Operations Manager Provides a High Level of Support

It’s an operations manager’s responsibility to oversee your account, arrange your deliveries, and inform you where your goods are at any time. Your ops manager is also your main point of contact and assists you and the driver, should a problem arise. 

Getting from A to B may seem simple, but unforeseen issues can cause delays. 

Although the courier’s vehicles are fitted with the latest rerouting software, freak accidents or breakdowns can still happen that cause delays. 

In addition, sometimes the recipient isn’t at the location to sign for the delivery, or the driver may encounter a demanding customer that no longer wants the goods or finds fault with the product. 

In these cases, the driver’s first call is to the operations manager so they can deal with the situation, inform you of the issue, and find a solution. 

This support is vital to manage deliveries correctly and ensure your and your customer’s happiness.

3. Emergencies Are Dealt With Quickly

No matter what plans and precautions you put in place, emergencies can still arise, and that’s when having a dedicated operations manager is a real advantage. 

Due to the complicated historical layout and the narrow streets in much of Boston, congestion can cause even the most well-maintained trucks and vans to overheat or break down. 

Boston’s harsh winters, freak storms, and bad weather conditions can also cause accidents that are impossible to foresee. 

Professional couriers are trained for such situations and immediately call their operations manager to explain the situation and organize a solution. 

The operations manager then organizes for another Boston express courier to collect your goods and informs you so you can tell your customer of any delays and the new expected time of arrival to avoid complaints or repercussions.

Four Key Advantages of a Dedicated Operations Manager in Boston - dedicated operations manager in boston -
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4. An Operations Manager Helps You Become More Efficient

Sloppy scheduling and inefficient planning can affect your company’s efficiency and result in a loss of business and repeat sales. 

You may produce a great product, but unless it’s delivered seamlessly and your customers are happy, you risk the customer complaining, writing negative reviews online, or slating your service to others they meet. 

By outsourcing to a professional Boston express delivery service, you can streamline your logistics, focus on selling and making your products, and leave the ops manager provided by your courier to ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination. 

Your dedicated Operations Manager should support you throughout the delivery process to help make your business more efficient and keep the orders rolling in – this is a win-win situation all around!

Let Metrobi Manage All Your Local Deliveries in Boston

If you’re searching for a reliable express delivery service in Boston, consider Metrobi. 

At Metrobi, we approach logistics differently than most other couriers. 

If you need an item delivered, you sign up for a Metrobi subscription based on your average volume of deliveries. In return, we give you access to our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use software, where you can arrange for your goods to be picked up and delivered. 

You can manage most aspects of organizing your deliveries at the click of a button, including tracking where items are in real time should your customer ever ask. 

In addition, we also assign a dedicated operations manager in Boston to you who will support you throughout the delivery process. 

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Four Key Advantages of a Dedicated Operations Manager in Boston
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